AVON Provides Safe, Unique Fundraising Opportunities

Poulsbo, WA—May 18, 2012—Local organizations, associations, and schools can raise funds with AVON’s best-selling products. Since the “AVON Foundation for Women” started in 1955, it is the world’s largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy and it has raised more than $860 million in more than 50 countries for causes most important to women – breast cancer research and efforts to reduce domestic and gender violence.  With AVON, Independent Sales Representatives are able to host independent local fundraisers to raise money for causes that are important to them, their customers and consumers with AVON’s popular products.


“Since the 1990’s, I’ve noticed that more limitations are being placed on fundraising efforts,” states Maria Marsala, AVON Independent Sales Representative. “In my area there are fewer car washes because they can negatively impact the environment.  I have seen most long-standing fundraising efforts become extinct because it is arguably no longer safe to send children door-to-door.”


AVON fundraisers offer many advantages:

  • There’s minimal paperwork to complete
  • No need to buy merchandise up front
  • Door-to-door selling not required
  • The average customer order is more than $15
  • All products are backed by AVON’s 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The potential of funds raised is up to 40% of the orders received
  • An organization can have its money in as little as three weeks


“AVON’s reputation for top-quality products opens doors and makes selling simple,” adds Marsala.  “Skin So Soft, Bug Guard, and AVON’s Bubble Bath are just a few of America’s favorite products, and unlike gift wrap or candy bars, they are products the whole family needs.”


Fundraising participants can sell to people they know locally, or the entire fundraiser can be held online, using a special code for the group.  Participants can then request support from family and friends all over the USA.


Additionally, AVON offers a unique USO fundraising program.  AVON donates $4 of every $10 sale to the USO.  Those who purchase products can keep the products or donate the bundle back to AVON where the donations are then delivered to USO.


To learn how an AVON fundraiser can work for your organization, or to schedule an information session for your Board of Directors or Fundraising Committee, contact Maria Marsala, Independent AVON Representative, at 360-271-8418 or online at http://www.YourAvon.com/mmarsala


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