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Today, I found two no-cost-to-you opportunities for financial advisors. They are an opportunity to be published. One was in a major magazine, but the opportunity has come and gone.  The other is below.  All you have to do was give your opinion in a few sentences or a paragraph. Sometimes, you might be interviewed by phone by a writer.

Each day, either I or my assistant look at HARO for opportunities.  That’s how I was published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and a few other major publications. You can see some of the publications and read some of the articles here http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/admin/asseenin.php


What’s HARO?              Help A Reporter Out

Its a place that writers, editors, and even bloggers go to for expert advice. Quotes and the opinion of others are always good to have when you’re writing an article. (If you have a blog or are writing an article — and are looking for quotes, yes, you to can submit an inquiry– I have.)

Join and each day you or our assistant will receive 3 inquiry lists (that’s 3 emails). The top of the email shows the topics writers are writing about. Each topic is linked to an inquiry like I’ve placed below. Within an email may be inquiries for your business — or maybe not. Six years ago, when I first joined HARO, I saw few inquires for financial advisors. Today I see 1-3 a day.

Every inquiry contains an email address that goes to the writer of the inquiry.  You’ll also see the information they’re looking for and a deadline.  Some inquiries have a due date of today. That’s usual because a writer has a last minute article to write or they need more information in an article they’ve written. Other times you’ll get a deadline of a day to a week or two.

To learn more about HARO and to join a list. I recommend that you join the Business & Finance List. Then depending on your niche, you might want to get added to another list.

Here’s the website to do that http://www.helpareporter.com/



1) It’s the best list of it’s kind and has been around the longest. Mention HARO to a writer and they’ll know it.

2) Some of the ways a business builds credibility and trustability are by recommendations (which as an FA you have to pass up on) and by being published and considered an expert. HARO may help you get published.

2) It’s a no-cost way to get your name and firm out there. (Of course, I know you’ll consider compliance when you answer their inquiries)


Below is a real inquiry. If you are a member of HARO or join today, you can answer this inquiry using the email address you joined HARO with.



9) Summary: Determining Your Financial Priorities

Name: Miranda Marquit Springleaf

Category: Business and Finance

Email: query-4613@helpareporter.net

Media Outlet: Springleaf

Deadline: 7:00 PM MST – 26 August


How should consumers determine their financial priorities? Tips
for deciding what’s important, and then sticking with a
financial plan.


Prefer a financial planning expert or behavioral specialist.



Market off and online. 🙂

Send the article to your clients. Write about your honor in your blog. Bring the article to your networking groups. Often the organizations you’re a member of will published a little blurb about you being published in the NEWS section of their newsletter or website. The ways you can use the document are endless, for sure.


If you have questions about this article or HARO contact me at http://www.elevatingyourbusiness.com/contactmariamarsala where I’ll answer them.


Maria Marsala

Financial Advisors Marketing & Business Coach, Speaker, and former Wall Street Retail Trader

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