Free copywriting skillfest you can attend

Interested in kicking up your firm’s marketing a couple of

Send this email to your assistant or marketing manager and have
them sign up for the free, second annual
No-Hype Copywriting Telesummit, taking place now.

If you have clients or colleagues who own businesses, this is
sure to be a content-heavy telesummit, so pass this email along to them, too.

Marcia Yudkin, who put this telesummit together, is the
author of “6 Steps to Free Publicity”, a book I’m mentioned
in (as an Internet Marketer and Article Marketing Pioneer) and a
book I highly recommend.
She’s a copywriter, but also an Internet marketer
I’ve known for more than 15 years.

You’ll learn about the latest tips and tools from highly-regarded speakers.

What Marcia is NOT is a marketing specialist in the financial industry. So,
it’s up to you to determine which strategies will pass the watchful eye of your
compliance department.

This year’s sessions give you principles, examples and
inspiration to develop an authentic selling voice, integrate
search engine marketing with sales copy, use metaphors to
excite and tempt your audience, and spin stories that engage
customers, readers or listeners.

The A-list presenters include Peter Bowerman, author of “The
Well-Fed Writer”; Vickie Sullivan, coach for high-fee
speakers; Karon Thackston, SEO copywriting authority; Sean
D’Souza, storytelling wizard for small business owners; and
Marcia Yudkin, leading advocate of no-hype marketing.

As I mentioned, there’s no charge to attend the five live
teaching sessions, November 3 to 7. All you need to listen
is have a telephone OR Internet access.
Simply register using the link below. If you’re too busy to
attend the teaching sessions in real time, the recordings
are available for purchase for a low fee.

Last year’s sessions on storytelling basics, achieving
rapport with customers, using problem/solution selling,
values in copywriting and avoiding lying in your marketing
are available as well.

Here is the link to learn more about this no-cost
educational opportunity and to sign up to attend any or all
of this year’s sessions:

Your marketing mentor,
Maria Marsala

P.S. Whether you write to promote yourself, your company or
a cause, this free event is a “don’t miss.” Sign up at:

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