Financial Planner Visions… Is your’s written?

Here are two Business Vision Statements I recently created with planners.  I used One Page Business Plan(R) materials and lots of questions to create each vision.

By 04/1/12 grow ABC, FA into a relationship-driven Pittsburgh Financial Advisory & Planning Practice managing 100M in assets with $510K gross revenues.  We provide short and long term wealth management services that start with a complimentary comprehensive financial plan.  Services include managing a portfolio of investments such as stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds,
lines of credit, and insurance products for hands-on, detailed oriented, left brained business owners, executives and retirees, primarily in the fields of engineers, accounting, and college professors.


By 4/15/2012 grow XYZi Financial into a thriving independent Boston Metro Area Financial Advisory Company providing financial advising and consulting services such as complimentary first session,
recommendations for insurances, mutual funds, investment vehicles, retirement planning, estate planning, medicare/medicade planning, to residents ages 45-60 with families, 1with 150K+ income, open to new ideas, managing 1M with 100K revenue.


Attend our complimentry Business Vision Statement teleclass.  Held quarterly.  Learn more here


One Page Busines Plan in a Weekend

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