Financial Advisors: Is it time (yet) to lighten up?

Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum nor does it happen when you’re busy 24/7. It’s a running joke with my staff, who know when I’m taking a trip on the ferry, boat, or somewhere different. I send them some very interesting articles, concepts, or new programs soon afterwards.

Below are some examples of ways to lighten-up… or take some time off to regroup during the day or get inspired.

a) One of my favorite places on the web was designed by ICQ (one of the original instant message companies).   While I can’t find it on their website, here it is on another site. or on YouTube at


b) 2 Minutes:  What can you do in two minutes?  If you love the sound of the ocean, this website will show you how you can “do nothing for 2 minutes”


c) Good things happen all the time.  This site has great photos of cool things.


d)  Listen to videos about people doing good things.


e)  Value is worth watching.

f)  Serenity Cards:  Started at a list, I now sell them in card format, delivered in a golden box — wrapped if you wish.  Here is a list of the cards:  and you can order cards to download here  or to give as a gift here 


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