Financial Advisor Tips: Getting Caught with Your Links Down?

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How annoying is it to go to a website, click a link and end up on an error page? Yeah, my website is guilty of this sometimes, too. I’ve done two things to fix this vexing problem:a) My web master set up a site map to appear instead of an error page. If a link is broken or has changed, my website visitors get my site map (a menu listing the main web pages on my sites) and information on finding what they’re looking for. You can go directly to my sitemap here
b) We use a no-cost link checker called Xenu to zip through all my websites and easily let it scour for broken links that need fixing. It creates a report and then we fix  the broken or relocated links.


Tell your web master about Xenu so that he/she can use this resource to run through your website pages or blog. While you’re at the Xenu website, join Tilman’s newsletter list. He’ll only email you notices that he has updated the tool. The current version of Xenu is: 1.3.8 from September 4th, 2010. Download Xenu now


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