FA today, Inc. Acquires LinkedFA

NOTE:  I have been a user of LinkedFA for many years.  I am now in a partnership with FA Today to provide their financial advisory audience with (to start) content. I look foward to seeing you on the new site– Maria Marsala



New York, NY – October 8, 2013 – FA today, Inc. has acquired linkedFA, transitioning its members to a digital media platform for Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) only at FAtoday.com.

“We designed linkedFA as a social media company to address industry and firm regulations and enable financial advisors to use social media to communicate with their clients,” said Jason Bishara, who was the founder of linkedFA and now serves as President of FA today, Inc. “Instead, we ended up with almost 12K independent financial advisors communicating with each other. Now, we’re recognizing what’s really important to them — creating a platform that provides value to all IFAs. With FA today, we’re becoming an advocate for IFAs and delivering economies of scale to help them lower their costs and compete more effectively. This transition is an incredible advancement for our members and the entire community of IFAs.”

“I am proud to be a part of an excellent, experienced team focused on being both a resource and an advocate for the Independent Financial Advisors,” said Rance Masheck, CEO and co-founder at FA today, Inc. Masheck is a former director of TD Ameritrade with responsibility for the Trade Architect online trading platform and brokerage integration projects. He is also the founder and President of Investage, Inc., an incubator focused on financial technology startups.

The FA today community gives members access to news feeds from the best news sources and bloggers who address the practical challenges of operating and marketing an IFA practices and join interest groups for discussion of specific aspects of their business. FA today also offers a “breakaway” group to welcome advisors who are leaving one of the large wire house firms to go independent. Full membership requires that IFAs validate their status by supplying a CRD number (S.E.C. broker ID).

“I joined linkedFA wanting it to be something completely different,” said Vincent Esposito, executive vice president of Spruce Hill Capital and Founding member of the FA today Chairman’s Club.”I wanted a community where I could communicate with my peers about practice management topics like marketing, client retention, technology or financial products and generational transitioning. I was able to navigate linkedFA, but linkedFA does not even compare to FA today. I am very excited to be an early adopter. Independent financial advisors have distinct business requirements that deserve specific attention, and we often learn best from our peers. FA today gives us a place where we can connect and talk honestly.”

About FA today

FA today is an exclusive community available for validated Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) only. Content and resources are tailored to an individual’s practice to present the most relevant news, articles, blogs and services all in one place. This allows IFAs to compete and exceed financial advisors from the largest firms by leveraging the community’s economies of scale. Customization and validation is seamless because it is based on an individual’s broker registration information (CRD). IFAs can build their own communities of like-minded advisors regardless of physical location to share best practices and grow professionally.

FA today was founded in April 2013 by a team of senior executives with extensive experience in Wealth Management, Technology, Online Media, and Platform design.

Independent Financial Advisors can register at FAtoday.com.

Twitter: twitter.com/FAtodaynews
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/fa-today
Facebook: facebook.com/FAtodayNews

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