FA Tactical Tips: Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base with Raving Fans

You never know what great things social networking will bring to your doorstep.

Often, the time I spend (mostly) on LinkedIn brings prospects to my newsletter and some great clients to my website.  However, every now and then something different happens.

Like this month, when I was asked by Staples to write an article that will help business owners be more successful. The article will be featured on their Small Business website starting Monday. But because you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you get to see it and use my suggestions first!


Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base with Raving Fans


Everybody finds success in different ways.  Integrate these 5 tips and no matter what kind of business you’re in or for how long, your business will grow with clients you love to serve!


Way #1:  Nurture a Niche and Create an Ideal Client Profile


BrightTalkPPTCover20122Your business grows more easily and is more profitable when you choose a niche and create an Ideal Client Profile.


A niche is a general category based on a population, passion, or product/service.  For example: high-net-worth individuals, small-business owners, divorced executives and health enthusiasts.  While an Ideal Client Profile may contain demographics such as gender and income, it also includes geographics, psychographics, and their values.


How do you spot your ideal client?  They:

  • Easily pay you on time and don’t ask      you to lower your prices.
  • Understand and value what your services      can help them accomplish.
  • Refer you to others without even being      asked.
  • Return to you whenever they have      additional needs for your services.
  • Give you energy – emotionally and      financially!


Serving a niche and an ideal client brings consistency and focus to all of your marketing messages; saving you time and money.  You’ll attract great clients because your marketing material shows that you understand their specific wants and needs.

Go directly to the complete article on the Staples Small Business website  “Top Five Tips to Grow a Customer Base” here

Download the article as a PDF file, that’s easy to print here: http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/Staples/

The resources page that goes with the article is right here

The Press Release (below), created by Chris Mifsud of Word Power Marketing   can be viewed at  http://www.marketingwithintegrity.com/?p=3640

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