Create A Hot Sheet For Your Speaking Engagements

You’ve probably read an article or two about the 4-8 different learning styles.  If you take a course on the best ways to provide trainings, you’re bound to learn about the importance of considering learning style elements when you plan your seminars, workshops, or speeches.  Important why?  Because you want your audience to retain and take action on the information you’re providing.  Right?

It’s helpful to consider the learning styles of your staff or clients as you create systems and processes for them, too.   But I digress.

A hot sheet is often used as an internet marketing tool.  I think it’s an extremely important element for financial advisors to include in your marketing toolbox, too.


Why Use Hot Sheets?

Have you noticed that advisors take a lot of written notes at conferences?  They’re not the only people taking notes, of course.  But many in the industry, including me, take notes of various lengths.  Some people use the notes later and for some, just the process of writing allows us to retain the new knowledge we’ve learned.

A hot sheet is a tool to help advisors do that and more.

When you’re developing your talk, you write notes that contain the talking points or you put the entire talk into writing.

What you could do next is to choose 3-5 of the more important (hot ) areas you’ll be discussing.  Next you take these hot topics and write the concepts in a way that the audience can fill in the blanks.

Example 1:

The three important visions financial advisors must create to grow or improve their firm in a focused way are:





Example 2:

There are _____ steps to creating a vision statement that will bring you more clarity and focus.


As you can see from my examples, I’ve provided two different ways for the audience to fill-in-the-blanks.

Hot sheet topics provide your audience an opportunity to listen to you with more focus as they fill in those blanks.  You may even find members of the audience email you after the event to learn the answers!


How I Design a Hot Sheet

When I create a hot sheet, it consists of 4 pages:

Page 1: Graphic with the title of the event.

Page 2: The hot sheet.  Keep it simple and just one page long.

Page 3:  I put an empty sheet here, for more notes.

Page 4: Information about me, my firm, call to action (CTA) and contact information.


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