Check Your Attitude (A Tribute)

This week we lost a philosopher of our times, someone who influenced more than 25 million people worldwide. I thought that this edition of my blog newsletter should be a tribute to a man who has influenced many people — including me.

In the late 1990’s I read the book First things first and still, today, I use the concepts Stephen Covey taught me in my business and teach it to my clients.

Another one of his books, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was developed after he studied hundreds of books and essays on success written since 1776. What he found in the first 150 years was based on 3 sound principles of character: integrity, courage, and patience. While writings of the 20th century dominated by gimmicks.

Of course, even in this century there have been some great books written on success! I’ve enjoyed taking in the lessons from The Greatest Salesman, Think and Grow Rich, How To Win Friends and Influence People, to name just a few. But I can understand Mr. Covey’s statement as so many books are about quick fixes and lack intelligent information using basic human and business principles.

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Check Your Attitude

Stephen Covey once told a story about a subway trip he took in my hometown of Brooklyn! (I’m paraphrasing it below.)

Stephen finds the quietest spot on the train and sits down to read his paper. A few stops later, the doors open and in comes a man with a few children. The man sits down next to him. The children start playing in the train, running around the poles, and making a lot of noise. Stephen starts to think to himself, "What a terrible father. What is wrong with a man who allows his children to run around like that…especially in the subway?" At some point, Stephen starts to say something to the man. What the man tells him is that he just came from Maimonides Medical Center where his wife is dying. He doesn’t know how he is going to tell his children that they won’t see their mom again.

What have you learned from the above story about attitude?

Next time something bothers you, get clarification first, instead of jumping in with righteous indignation. Words, especially those over the Internet, can either be loaded guns, or olive branches extended to connect with others. It’s often important in business and life to check our attitude and ask for clarification.

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