I’d like to introduce you to Focus.com

I found Focus.com “on accident”. You see, the name of my newsletter is Focus! and I was on the web doing research on an article I was writing. Curious, I registered and over the course of the last year or two, I found myself becoming a Focus Expert. Today I find myself spending more and more time on Focus! If you’re a business owner whose clients are other business owners, you should be on Focus.com, too.

Trevor Usken, is in charge of growing the expert base at Focus.com and he’s asked me to recommend Experts that may be interested in the opportunity to become a Focus expert. Would you be a good fit?

Here’s the deal in a nutshell. The Focus.com mission is to make business expertise available to everyone by building communities of experts around categories such as lead generation, lead nurturing, sales training, sales management, sales analytics, etc. Focus Experts contribute on the site because, well, let’s face it, we want to be exposed to pre-qualified prospects. Focus has a vast amount of activity daily, resulting in average website visitors of 575,000 per month from a registered business-user database of over 800,000 professionals. (EGADS that’s a lot of exposure!)

There are a couple ways to get involved:
1. Contact Trevor at 415-229-2355. He’ll walk you through what being a Focus expert entails.
2. Sign up on the site and request Expert status: http://www.focus.com/experts/register/

Thanks, and by the way, tell Trevor that Maria sent you!

Taming the Beast – An EYB Favorite

I can “hand” code websites. It’s a skill I learned at Wake Tech Community College in N.C. Back in 1998 I took an 18 hour class and created my first website page, and then created my first Coach Maria website.

But I don’t know everything! So when I need something, one of the first places I go a look’n is Taming the Beast.net. That’s where the (hopefully) professional looking pop-up ad for my newsletter comes from. Of course I had to brand the code that I was provided with, but now you know about one of the oddles of tools and websites I use to create my websites. Here’s the page that provides the code for the popups ad you’ll see the first time you come to this website. http://www.tamingthebeast.net/generators/popup-hover-ad.htm

Writing a Business Proposal: Templates without the Fluff

It used to be that most business was conducted in person, or at least over the phone. Odds were that your prospective clients knew who you were, and your competition was local—you knew who they were, too. In that environment, it was possible to distinguish yourself from the competition by your personality.

Now our world is global and connected mostly by impersonal means via email and the internet. Whether you’re vying for a job, trying to secure a loan or a business contract, or reaching out to new customers, odds are that your competitors will be many and they can come from anywhere.

Many propsoal products feature proposal documents with a great deal of boilerplate text; their pages encourage you to ‘fill in the blanks’ with your own information. This results in proposals that contain a lot of fluff but deliver little useful data. And worst of all, the proposal ends up looking and reading like hundreds—if not thousands—of others. This greatly increases the odds that the proposal will end up in the slush pile instead of on the decision maker’s desk.

Proposal Pack takes a different approach from this ‘fill in the blank’ style. Instead of giving you paragraphs of essentially meaningless boilerplate text, we provide you with instructions, constructive suggestions, and examples of appropriate information to put into each proposal page, as well as a professional format you use to present your ideas. The words come from you, and so does the tone and style of your presentation.

You’ll never be perplexed about what to add to your proposal when you’re using Proposal Pack. We have hundreds of template pages for you to choose from, and hundreds of suggestions on how to connect those pages and elaborate on important topics. Proposal Pack also includes over a hundred sample proposals from a wide variety of organizations for all sorts of situations. By exploring these samples, you’ll see how our templates can be easily used and assembled into a unique package.

You want your proposal to showcase your ideas, show your personality, and stand out from the crowd. Those are our goals, too. When you use Proposal Pack, your proposal will be easy to write. You’ll feel like an expert as you put your information on the pages. Your finished product will be well structured, easy to read, and best of all—it will be a proposal that actually represents you.

— adapted from the article by Proposal Kit

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS! Accurately quote your proposals, multiply your profitability, brand yourself as a top professional and build an effective and profitable business. It’s how to write a business proposal – mission-critical, easy, customizable, accurate and immediately downloadable.

Get your proposal software and sample business proposals from Proposal Kit

Good memories… from Kingston.com

Is your older computer running slowly but it’s good enough to be your backup computer?  Does your laptop run slowly because you’ve had it for along time and you’ve “had it”?

We’ve all seen that yellow caution notice that tells us we’re running out of memory.  But when shutting your computer off and on again doesn’t stop that notice from becoming a usual part of your day, it’s time to call Kington on their toll free number.

Sometimes I’ve had part number; most times I don’t.   Sometimes it took 1 set of instructions to help me find the part number, othertimes, like for my 2004 CompUSA workhorse desktop, it took having a computer program assess the part number. 

But get the part number, I did!  Then I ordered online, often orders come with free shipping.  And in a few days, it arrived.

Then I opened my computer, called them and they walked me through it. (there wasn’t room in my computer for the new part so I had to replace an old part.) I closed the computer, and he had me check to make sure that the new memory was indeed working.

That’s a great company.  I’ve used them three times now I think; and will continue to buy from them. 


Oh.. they also sell flash drives, secure digital  and media readers, too. 


The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

In her book “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”, Catherine Ponder writes about three simple steps about the law of prosperity. The same steps can be easily be used by business owners to better organize the time you have, be more successful, find the freedom you’re looking for, etc.

The three steps are: (1) Have a plan, wring out your desires and constantly expanding it; (2) Mentally imaging that plan as fulfilled; (3) Constantly affirming its perfect fulfillment.

I highly recommend this book. Usually in prosperity books, you don’t read a lot about God or the bible. But you do in this book. I’ve looked at bible verses in a new way, a different way. The book is a mixture of spiritualism, religious, and metaphysical. A very intriguing mix, indeed. The author is amoung many things, a Unity Minister (they publish the Daily Word).

This is the type of book you want to read a little, take a few days to think about what you’ve read, and then go back for more.

Learn more about the book Maria recommends at http://www.CoachMaria.com/books/