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My colleague, Michael Hartzell, a marketer extraordinaire, at, and I were talking about a few business topics. Michael likes to stump me and throw website URLS at me to see if I know about the site already. Most often I do.

But this time he gave me, not only 1 site that I didn’t know (and should use) but two.
Michael knows me long enough to know that the “how to proofread” classes I took (3 or 4 in my lifetime so far) didn’t work. He knows that this area of life and business is a weakness of mine. (If you’ve been on my newsletter long enough, you know this, too.) I often hire proofreaders, editors, and marketers to help me. But sometimes I don’t care enough to pay for the help, or I want to get an article to my clients (or subscribers) fast, proofread it the best I can, and rightfully or wrongly, send it out as is.

Being a thought leading, idea, tips, problem-solving, planning, teaching, action taking efficiency person, I’m already “in” the next best idea (my strengths) once my thought or solution is written down.

So today I’ll share with you a simple and efficient app I purchased on Michael’s suggestion.

It’s called Grammarly, and it takes the spell-check program I use up a few levels. Grammarly offers a free, low-key option. However, knowing myself, I purchased the paid, yearly option because it comes with a Microsoft plugin, something I use in both Outlook and Word.
I used it to check the original edition of my newsletter, the one I write in MS Word, and it found 54 things for me to take a look at. I’ve read that the program is not perfect. But in my opinion, it’s a step up from just using MS by itself. It plugs itself into Outlook and Words, it has a Chrome plugin, too.
Now if t could only read my mind, and insert the words I meant to put into my articles, words I actually read but are not there, that would be even better!

The program does not work well with Outlook 2013. While there is a plugin download, the Word part of it works 100%. But the Outlook part removes features of Outlook mail that I feel is important. So I had to remove it. I hope they fix that 🙂

Use my affiliate link to learn more or to sign up for the free version at (my affiliate code)



Free Business Workshops for Financial Advisors

2016 Free Virtual Count on Success Summit for Registered Investment Advisors, Financial Advisors, and Planners  January 11-27

Financial industry experts will deliver 10 different sessions – with topics ranging from cybersecurity, automation and systematization of operations, marketing, social networking, human capital, and succession – at this year’s free Count on Success Summit.  The virtual summit features thought leaders from various practice management fields.  It will be held online from January 11-26, 2016.

“Because the event is held online, it’s a rare and affordable opportunity for advisors to learn how to grow or make improvements to their firms,” says Maria Marsala, Operations & Marketing Manager to Financial Advisors and the event’s organizer.  “Advisors can invite their teams to listen to the most relevant presentations and then take new and revitalized action in 2016.”

This year’s forward-thinking practice management speakers developed their topics expressly for registered investment advisors, financial planners, and wealth managers.  PFPs, insurance, and risk management professionals, as well as CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers and their teams, will also benefit from attending.

Virtual attendees will have 24 hours to listen to each speaker’s presentation and begin preparing new strategies to improve their firm and serve their clients’ needs in 2016.  Plus each speaker is providing a template or checklist to help the attendees take action on their topic.

“According to Google research, every 7 seconds, someone is online searching for information on a financial or insurance product.  But most advisors today don’t have the tools to reach them. This event will show advisors, among many other topics, how to position themselves as the obvious choice in a crowded market,” said Jeremiah Desmarais, TED speaker, and keynote for the event.

The Count on Success Summit provides a unique opportunity for RIAs and financial advisors to learn from respected practice management leaders without traveling. This is an excellent opportunity for advisors to sharpen their business, communications, marketing, and social networking skills from the comfort of their own offices.”

Session highlights from the 2016 Virtual Count on Success Summit will include

  • How to Turn LinkedIn into an Autopilot Lead Generation Machine
  • How to Confidently Turn Your Practice into a Business
  • How to Survive the Robo-Advisor Threat
  • How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Financial Platform Technology for Your Practice
  • How to Overcome the Buyer’s Bias Phenomenon
  • How to Gain More Street Cred by Engaging With Reporters
  • How to Avoid Regulatory Compliance Issues & Develop a Successful Succession Plan
  • How to Make Getting Great Referrals Easy
  • How to Use Strategic Business Alliances as a Marketing Strategy
  • And more…

For more information visit

Maria Marsala
(360) 271-8418

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How to Find Undiscovered Funds

Joel JohnsonDo your clients demand alpha? Then you need an edge when it comes to finding top performing undiscovered funds. Searching for undiscovered funds is like choosing the best vegetarian entree at a Texas steakhouse. It doesn’t have to be like that.

True Bearing connects investment advisors with undiscovered fund companies. The process is simple.


  1. Log into
  2. Enter a brief investment request (RFP)
  3. Get Responses
  4. Set meetings with the desired fund companies

Questions? Call Joel Johnson – at 415-659-1831  or visit

Please mention that Coach Maria sent you.

Self Directed IRAs and 401ks – How to Differentiate Yourself

Kirk Chisholm ( shorter version)

Are you looking for a way to differentiate yourself as an advisor? Investing in alternative investments inside self directed IRAs may be the answer.

Innovative Advisory Group specializes in this type of investment strategy. Our services include: choosing from the 44 custodians and administrators, providing due diligence on these assets, protecting the client from prohibited transactions, and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Advisor Assisted Alternatives is a service we’ve been using with our clients and external advisors. It’s set up like an SMA so that you can offer this alternative investment advice to your prospects and clients in their IRA or 401k accounts. To learn more contact Kirk Chisholm at Innovative Advisory Group.


Financial Advisor Success Summit

IdealClientVirtual trainings, speaker gifts, lots of business strategies  and tactics — get inspired today!

Grab your free seat to this 3-day event especially for financial advisors who are growing their practices to 7 figures!

Join host, Darryl Jarmosco, Business Consultant/Coach for financial advisors, as he interviews expert financial service trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, and thought leaders. These speakers have helped thousands of financial advisors get more leads, more clients, operate more efficiently, sell more product, and gather more assets to be managed.

Discover new ways to grow your firm. Attend for FREE.

Go right to the information page and register:

Bonus Gifts

Each and every speaker is providing a free business-building gift for you!

Once you register for the whole event, you’ll be taken to the gift page. I’ll be giving you the 3 resources you see in the photo: Target Marketing Assessment, Client Segmentation Matrix, and Go/No-Go Worksheet. I talk about how to use these best practice tools to your advantage during my presentation on July 29*.

Speakers include:

Maria Marsala (I’ll tell you how to become the obvious choice for new prospects.*)
Bill Cates
Matt Halloran
Sheryl Garrett
Lorraine Ell
Sandy Schussel
Robert Eberhardt
Louis Cassara
Amy McIlwain
Michael Kitces
Sharon Pivirotto
Alan Moore
Matt Anderson
Steve Sanduski
Dr. David Lawrence
Joe Lukacs
John Comer
Hugh Massie
Sam Richter

*Catch my interview on July 29, 2015. My topic is:

“Costly Mistakes Advisors Make: Niching is Not Enough”. Don’t forget to request your 3 Niching Tools:  Target Marketing Assessment, Client Segmentation Matrix, and Go/No-Go Worksheet.

Click the link to learn more and register: