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Peak Perfomance Study Group

Are you wearing too many of the hats in your financial business because you’re trying to do it all alone? Or maybe you don’t have enough clients but sure do want them — yesterday!

Today, make a decision to do business better. Lay the ground work with core systems to build a solid business that will be there for the long haul. Provide yourself (and then your team) with clarity on your business, its purpose, goals, ideas, and ideal clients. Make working together much easier, with clearly-defined roles and requirements. Using our proprietary processes and tools along with a program powered by the One Page Business Plan®, Maria will help you structure your business to operate with more P.E.P. – more productively, efficiently, and profitably.

What You Will Learn

  • You’ll leave this program with peace of mind, knowing that your best ideas are written down.
  • You’ll have more time to meet with new prospects while better servicing existing clients.
  • Your marketing — online and off line — will be consistent and reach more of your ideal clients.
  • You’ll be sure about HOW to grow your bottom line in the next 12 months.
  • You’ll have happier clients who are easier to work with and who refer you with ease.
  • Your team will have a written roadmap to help them do their jobs better and help you manage the company (so you can take some much-needed time off).

This program is full when it reaches ten participants. Maria wants to ensure that you get the help you need and realize the measurable result$ you expect. We are only looking to work with business owners who want tangible results (the sooner the better) and who are ready to operate at a higher level. If that is you, apply now:


Dates: Tuesday Aug. 13, 20 / Sept. 3, 17 / Oct. 1, 15 / Nov. 5, 19 / Dec. 3, 17 / Jan. 7, 21

Time: 11am PST / 12am MTN / 1pm CST / 2 pm EST

Duration: 90 minutes

Learn More: Get the program details here

Show Your Interest: Apply now

About the Business Advisor, Maria Marsala

Maria Marsala is an internationally-recognized speaker, award-winning coach, and subject expert on planning today and profiting tomorrow. She climbed the corporate ladder on Wall Street at a time when female executives were as rare as pink diamonds. While at Bear Stearns, she saved her department hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly when she created new processes and authored an operational manual for sales assistants and reps. Much of what she designed was then duplicated in other departments or used firm-wide.

Maria founded Elevating Your Business fourteen years ago. She works with independent and fee-based financial advisors, planners, and RIAs to multiply their bottom line and reduce the number of hours they work each week. She works with FAs to grow their business strategically, tactically, and operationally. In 2011, Maria was voted one of the top 30 Coaches Internationally. As a trained Life Coach, she works with her clients holistically.

Excuses are soul-killers

“Excuses are soul-killers”

— Maria Marsala.


Do you know a business owner or executive who is ready to
ditch their excuses and follow a simple process (like
one-page simple) that helps improves focus, accountability,
and profits? Maybe a fellow colleague has recently told

• I’m not growing my business as fast as I’d like, profits
have flat-lined, or are on the decline.

• I want more clients and to have a long-lasting, positive
impact on their lives or businesses.

• I’m tired of spending so much time putting out fires all
the time (or chasing clients).

• I know I should create a plan, but I don’t have the time
or energy.

Maybe you’ve said it?

“It helps to have a plan. I’ve accomplished more in four months than
I did the entire previous year. I feel so much more focused and my
income has doubled.”

–Joan Runnheim, Career Strategist Pathways Career, Hudson, WI

SIMPLE is in!

It’s a business plan . . . it’s a marketing plan . . . no,
it’s both, PLUS it’s a performance management system with
scorecards to help keep you focused and accountable. It’s
on one page. You post it online for your whole team OR
create a MS Word document. It can be done in groups (in
person or via webinar format) OR it can be done privately.

What’s so special about the process? It’s more than doable.

You can create a draft in a few hours and then, we’ll help
you take it to new heights, finalize it, and show you how to
integrate it with scorecards to help keep you focused and
accountable. It’s all about setting priorities
and creating a roadmap to success.


Learn how 250,000 entrepreneurs—from the smallest home
business to Fortune 100 companies such as Thomson, State
Farm, and Disney—have rapidly turbo-charged their
businesses: http://www.BusinessAndMarketingPlan.com

“…I’m a numbers person; I’ve always had trouble with the
“writing part” of planning and setting aside enough time to
write a business plan. Since attending your business and
marketing program, I have a better feel for what I need to
do to grow. My web traffic has increased by 20%. I have
gained 12 well-qualified referrals. Niching attracts more
ideal prospects to my business and my customer base
increased 10% after years of only 2% growth.”
—   Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS Barnard & Associates,
Pension Consultant, Plans for Physicians


Choose the way you’d like to get started . . .

1. “Do It For You” 1:1 Private Boot Camp

We talk using Skype or my webinar system. I ask you lots of
clarifying questions. As you’re providing me with answers,
I’ll create the plan for you. You can’t get much easier than
that and have a viable plan you’ll use every day. (I did
say there were NO excuses, didn’t I?)


2. Do It In A Day Group

With a maximum of 10 other participants, you’ll create a
solid draft of your plan in one day via webinar on in person
in Poulsbo, WA. OR have me come to your office to “do it in
a day” with your staff. More information:

Already have a plan you use every day to set priorities and
make decisions? Forward this email along to someone who
doesn’t before July 20, so they qualify for the special
bonus I mention below. OR take this program again and get
65% off the going rate!


3. Do It & More Peak Performance Advisory Group

Join up to a maximum of 10 of your peers in a study group
that meets 2 or 3 times a month. This is an advisory board
of business leaders who help each other achieve greater
results. Expect to be held accountable and to answer tough
questions along the way, which is the beauty of this
approach. For more information, visit


4. Attend a Mini-Program

Plan to attend a 35 minute Business Vision Statement program
and get yours done! Register now


5. Demo The Live System

I’ll walk you through the system online. You’ll need access to a computer for 20 minutes. Schedule your demo session
here www.BusinessandMarketingPlan.com/demo/


6. Enjoy The Video

Listen to a 48-minute program I conducted for financial
professionals that’s pertinent to most business owners – to
owners who want to achieve quantum leaps of growth in the
business during the next 12 months.

I hope you’ll join me in at a planning event. Past clients
have created amazing results for themselves after using the
plan. Take a look at their success at


Trade in your excuses for a bigger, better business!

Business success in any economy starts with a plan. Call me
today to get a jump start on 2014. Create your plan today!


Upwards and onwards,

Maria Marsala

Profitability Specialist, Speaker, Author, and former Wall Street Trader

Contact us http://www.CoachMaria.com/ticket/ 


P.S. BONUS: Mention this Excuses are Soul-Killers email and
the first person in your company to attend our 1:1 Boot Camp
program gets $300 off. Or attend one of group programs and
get an additional 1:1 hour consulting session. Offer good
until January 20, 2013.

Do you live near Fife and Port Orchard Washington? If so, this post is for you!

Hello fellow local LinkedIn connections…

I have a few local events that I wanted to make sure that you knew about…  Below is the Press Release that’s going out tomorrow.   Go straight to the links for all our upcoming events here   http://www.ActNowSeminars.com/businessclasses/

Poulsbo, March 21,2013

Maria Marsala, a Kitsap-area based consultant and executive coach will speak to business leaders at the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce on April 11, 2013 and the South Puget Sound Business and Professional Women’s chapter meeting in Fife on May 1, 2013.

Ms. Marsala is a former Wall Street trader who trained as a coach in 1998 and was named one of the Top 30 International Coaching Gurus in 2011.  She has been a speaker since 1981, has been published in numerous business magazines, and is author of 4 business-building workbooks including, Attracting Clients You Love Working With: How to Stop Working with Clients from Hell.

“I used to think planning was the most important practice of a successful business, but I was wrong.  Defining and knowing how to find ideal clients makes the biggest difference in peace of mind and profitability.  Many business owners end up frustrated by what I call ‘spaghetti marketing’–they’re throwing their message out into the world (and their money out the window), hoping that something will stick.”     Business owners overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes to bring in new, perfect-fit customers will want to attend one of these events.  Ms. Marsala’s presentation, Marketing Smarter:  6 Steps to Sustainable Growth & A Profitable Client Base, outlines a powerful system that gives your team the keys to attracting more profitable clients with less effort–clients who actually tell you how to market to and network with them!  The most successful participants take notes during this talk and take action immediately.   For more information, contact Maria Marsala at (360) 271-8418 or GoTo@ElevatingYourBusiness.com.  Visit Maria’s speaker website at http://www.ActNowSeminars.com/businessclasses/



Let me know if you’ll be attending.



Speaking and Getting Paid “In-Kind”

In the last edition of my newsletter, I promised to provide you with some information on speaking and getting paid “in-kind”.

A quick note: keep in mind that financial advisors and a few other industries can’t accept payment to speak. However, there are many business owners on my email list who can be paid as professional speakers. Ok, back to the subject at hand.

Speaking at an event takes between 8-14 hours of preparation and you deserve to be paid for your knowledge. If you are a professional speaker, your #1 priority is to be paid your FULL fee. Don’t be quick to take “in-kind”. It’s OK to say “no” to someone who will not pay your speaking fee.

“In-kind” does not refer to items that should automatically be included in your contract — like a one- or two-night hotel stay, travel expenses (including air, land, car parking, etc), or meals needed in the course of speaking at the conference. My personal rule is that I don’t accept “in-kind” instead of payment when I facilitate any type of workshop or retreat at a company.

So what is “in-kind”? It’s what associations may provide speakers in lieu of paying their full fee. It can include things that will help you grow your business (or yourself) such as: attendance at the conference, a trade show booth, extra days at the hotel, days at the hotel for family members, membership in the association for 12 months (or longer), or sponsorship in the association (for the event you’re attending or a future event). “In-kind” does involve money, but not the type that you can bank on. The association has to pay for “in-kind” items, but they usually do so at a discount.

Sponsors can also help an association or chapter meeting pay your speaking fees. I’ve seen this work with small Chambers of Commerce and at national conventions, too. So, if an organization can’t pay you (for whatever reason), suggest that they get a sponsor. It’s not your job to get the sponsor for them, although I’m sure that they’d appreciate your recommendation. For example, I tell associations that a good sponsor for my talks are a financial company, bank, lawyer, accountant or CPA.

Do you know other ways a speaker can get fully paid, and not have to say “no” to a speaking opportunity when there’s no payment, hotel, meals, or travel money offered? Submit your comments below.

Maria Marsala's name

P.S.  To get weekly business tips, articles, resources, and discounts to events, go to http://www.CoachMaria.com  and become a member of the Elevating Your Business Nation!


Webinar: 5 Solid Steps To Increased Success: One Page Business & Marketing Plan

In just 8 hours of instruction, gain the FOCUS and ACTIONABLE information you need to CHANGE your business IMMEDIATELY.

Solid Steps to More Business Success

Do any of the following apply to you?

— Your profit doesn’t measure up to the work you’re putting into the business
— You are fed up with "putting out fires" and feeling like you don’t have enough hours in a day
— You’re frustrated and know that you need an effective planning and execution process to achieve results–every day

If you answered "yes" to our questions, read on…

"After working with Maria for just three months, I tripled my monthly income. Usually, after tax season, I have to look for work. This year, clients were waiting for me to be available."
— Terry Ray, Owner, Freetrac Inc., Everett, WA
"Maria’s input helped me create and organize my business systems. Our monthly sales are up more than 300%. If you’re looking to grow your business more rapidly, look no further."
— Elin Barton, Partner, White Knight Video, NY

What Difference Would It Make?

Imagine for a few moments what it would be like if everyone on your team focused their available time, energy, and talents on achieving your goals. Imagine how you’d feel as the owner of a company that runs like a well-oiled machine!

Early Bird Special Ends Today – Save $100 Using Discount Code PLAN

You Create What You FOCUS On!

Focus is the ultimate business and personal power tool, the first one to put in your toolbox. Focus assists you in running your business and keeps you on track. You get what you focus on.

Today, sharpen your leadership and management skills and stay ahead of the competition with this leading-edge seminar. Develop the best strategic plan to support your vision and your company’s goals.

Companies crash and burn when owners lack a focused plan and their teams lack vision and accountability.

This fast-moving course combines proven methods with new insights and ideas from business strategist, and former Wall Street Trader and executive, Maria Marsala. You’ll gain exposure to the best management practices using our templates, exercises, and support. Bring all your business challenges to this session and get solutions from Maria and your peers.

How You Will Benefit

* Identify strategic planning issues in order to develop a unique competitive advantage
* Make your planning goals come alive by integrating strategy, objectives, metrics, and performance
* Generate new ideas and how they can be applied to your organization immediately
* Incorporate your customer needs into your strategic planning process
* Create actions plans that light your team on FIRE to accomplish your goals

"Every organization is perfectly aligned to achieve the results it’s getting."
— Stephen Covey

Business and Marketing Growth Plan

Why One Page?

There is an easier way, a faster way to make a quantum leap, AND we’ll provide you with a step-by-step approach.

You’ll bring more of these attributes into your company…


What We Will Cover

We’re going to get down to the nitty-gritty of your plan so that at the end of the session you’ll have a working draft that fits on only one page.

Planning Program Overview
1. Create 3 distinct business visions that will make decision-making a no-brainer.
2. Design a mission statement that’s irresistible to your ideal clients.
3. Map out your company’s business goals for the next 12 months.
4. Discover the most important goals and strategies for your business growth during the next 12 months.
5. Create a customized action plan that propels your business forward.
6. Increase the focus and productivity of your team.

Who Should Attend

Business leaders, financial advisors, accountants, agents, small business owners, and other key members of your team who are involved in the formation and implementation of strategic planning or strategic execution.

If you’ve even thought about it, SIGN UP NOW and save $100. Stop procrastinating and join me for an experience that will transform the way you build your business!

Good news! You still have today get the early bird special and save 25%.

Your Roadmap to More Success — Your Plan for the next 12 months along with 3 distinct Business Vision Statements will be complete at the end of the program and ready for strategic execution the very next day!

"…you provided much information and clarification that helped me refine my strategic plan. Your personal insight and input was greatly appreciated."
–Kee Nethery, CEO

Kagi, Berkeley, CA
"… an educational, thought-provoking and fun business day! The marketing – strategies you recommended are both affordable and doable. Your style makes it very easy to ask questions and
learn from."

–Jodi Macko, Senior Florist
Woodland Florist, Duvall, WA

Business and Marketing Growth Plan

"See" you there.

Maria Marsala's name

About Your Fearless Planning Leader

Maria Marsala founded Elevating Your Business in 1998 as an international coaching and speaking company offering innovative solutions, practical tools, and ongoing support to business owners who choose to create their ideal lives and businesses. Marsala brings over 35 years of business experience to the independent financial advisor, agent, and accounting sectors using a mixture of coaching, advising, and training that she calls EduCoaching™. Often quoted in the media, Marsala has authored a number of workbooks and hundreds of articles. She speaks at conferences and company events. To book her as a speaker your attendees will thank you for, call (360) 271-8418.

Questions? Contact Maria at 360-271-8418 or by email, or Skype Remember, we have only 6 more seats available. Maximum attendees in this event is 10, to assure as much 1:1: coaching and peer help as possible.