It’s managing your business and then market. Before you market, determine the type of clients and partners you want to work with.

Why Would You Want To Change Your Niche/Ideal Client Profile?

1) You want to make more money and you know that your current ICP can’t afford another raise.

2) You are ready for a challenge and create a new product or package of services is just what the doctor ordered.

3) You’re underpaid and the only way you can give yourself a raise is to get better clients.

4) Your market has no demand for what you offer.

5) The niche you’ve enjoyed is getting smaller or being replaced or merged.

6) You are getting referrals often, but you need a change in venue.

7) You’ve been attracting a higher-quality client for a while; now it’s time that your brand reflect it.

8) You’ve been targeting too many markets and you’re getting smarter about whom you work with the best.

9) You didn’t think that you were ready to work with the target you want to work with, and now you’ve built credibility in that area.

10) It’s time.

Not sure who your next target market will be? Let us take you through a step-by-step process that will help you choose the right ideal client for your next niche. We provide you with the audios, exercises, templates, and training to help you narrow your focus, do the right market research, and create your new ICP.

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10 Reasons Why YOU Want To Choose YOUR Clients

It’s a costly and hard-learned lesson in business: saying “no” to an interested prospect that does NOT fit your ideal client profile. It’s counter intuitive, but taking just any client who responds to your advertising may cost you money, aggravation, and time.

Remember, your ideal client:
a) has done their homework and is ready to hire,
b) doesn’t haggle with you about price because they value what you’re offering,
c) comes back when they need you again,
d) is your biggest fan who sends you testimonials without asking, and
e) automatically refers you to others.

If you don’t choose a niche, you’ll constantly have to learn the ins and outs of other industries, marketing segments, consumer bases, business owner levels, etc. While that’s a nice change of pace once in awhile, it will drive you nuts (read: waste time and energy) if you constantly operate this way. More importantly, you won’t become known as an expert in anything and will constantly be reinventing the wheel.

Here are 10 reasons to limit yourself to one niche or ideal client:
1. You’ll learn and master the communications that perk up their ears.
2. You’ll attract new clients as you construct a better marketing funnel with relevant e-books, free articles, etc.
3. You’ll be more confident speaking in front of your prospects.
4. It’s easier to create new products for your clients (and new revenue streams for your business).
5. You’ll use your networking time more strategically.
6. You save money and convert more clients when you laser-focus your advertising.
7. Your ideal clients associate with others who are like them (which generates ideal referrals).
8. You’ll be happier working with people who value what you’re offering.
9. You’ll become known as an expert more quickly.

And the bottom line is:
10. Your business will be more successful and you’ll be paid more.

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Ya Never Know, But It Still Helps To Target

Well, you never know what will happen when you spend the necessary but long hours creating your ideal client profile, critique it from time to time, and truly target market. Let me explain just one way it’s helped me recently, over and over again. I bet you can think of something similar to do as I’ve done but though an association’s trade paper or ezine where YOUR ideal clients “hang out”.

Over time I’ve submitted articles to N.A.F.E. (National Association of Women Executives). It’s an organization I joined in the late 1970’s, was a member till I left Wall Street in the early 1990’s s and then rejoined about 4 years ago when I realized, duh, that owning a business meant that I was an executive again. I also joined because so many of my business owner clients were or are from corporate America. NAFE has membership demographics consisting of a large number of business owners and high-level executives. Although their membership and offerings are much smaller than 20 years ago, it has one of those organizational names that provokes highly credible.

The first time one of my articles appeared in a NAFE online newsletter, I got 4 ezine subscribers and a new client whose One Page Business Plan® I created, and she finalized, in just 3 days.

The second time an article appeared in the ezine I got a few more subscribers.

The third time an article appeared in the ezine last week and I heard Danita Blackwood, Exec. Producer at She wrote: ” I loved your article in NAFE about tips on “Cutting Back on Time Wasters”. We’d like to get some sound on all 5 points – we’re not be able to use them all initially-but they are just great.”.

So are you ready to submit an article to NAFE? Membership is really CHEAP (think under $40 per year, cheaper if you join for 2 years). Learn more about the organization here! They want articles that are very short and they must contain something on a subject of interest to business owners or high-level executives in 5 steps or parts. Here are two of the articles I submitted as examples: article 1 and article 3. As you’ll see your article doesn’t have to have the number 5 in the subject line, but must highlight 5 key area of something. Send your articles to I know they’re looking for articles, since they mentioned it in the last edition. If you want a copy of the last edition, hit reply and ask me as I’ve saved it. (Another FOCUS! subscriber Nina Cherry, is mentioned in it, too)

OH. I told this to Danita and I’ll tell you, too. Back a few years ago, I met the CEO of SBTV, Susan Wilson Solovic when she keynoted at a Microsoft event. I purchased her book she signed for a Christmas gift I was gave my sister Martie. And I told Susan that someday I’d do something with her. And well, now I am doing something that will get on her website! KEWL or what!

So go work on your ideal clients profile and put yourself in front of the most amount of them as is humanly possible. And if you don’t have an ideal client profile that attracts business opportunities and clients to you… click here right away

Stop Working With Jerks: Take A Risk And Define Your Ideal Client

Do you know who your ideal client is? Most business owners don’t really know. They guess!

And because they guess, they’re working way too hard, marketing too much, and spending too much money. I know because I’ve been there, done that.

Now, let me start by telling you that your ideal client is also called your target client or best client. What it’s called isn’t as important as defining yours!

How do you define your ideal client? You know that you have attracted your ideal client because your client:

  • Values your service and doesn’t ask you to lower your prices.
  • Easily pays you and is always on time.
  • Comes to you already understanding what your services can help them accomplish.
  • Refers you to others without you even asking.
  • Comes back for more of your services whenever they’re ready for another “shot”
  • Gives you “energy” – emotionally and financially!

How’d you do? Are you attracting your ideal client? Or are you attracting your client from hell?

Are you making the same mistakes I did? Or can you learn from my mistakes? One of the big mistakes I made up front in my business was that I trying to remove 20 years of my life where I had a successful career on Wall Street. Just because I wanted to leave corporate America far, far, away, I started my business instead as a Life Coach – even though I had all that experience in business.

I mention that mistake because for me, my ideal client is a women who runs a professional services or financial services company and their clients are primarily with other business owners. Those are areas that I have the most amount of experience and credibility in. Are you marketing your business while trying to forget about your past? Well, you CAN take areas of your past into your business, even if you don’t want to do “that” again. And by doing so, you create a basis for and bring your years of credibility to your ideal client – right away.

Other mistakes were that I didn’t create three most important “business keys” – a business plan, marketing plan and an ideal client profile. The result? Well, I ended up broke, and had to use the money from the sale of my home to live. Of course, since then, I have made some hefty changes! Not only that, I make sure that anyone I work with creates their business keys, too.

One of largest fears business owners have about creating an ideal client profile is that they will be narrowing their client base. While it looks like that is what will happen, it doesn’t.

Here’s what I learned:
Creating an ideal client profile does not mean that I can’t accept clients other than my ideal. Creating an ICP is done to make YOUR marketing efforts and your life easier. It’s another one of those business tools that is created to help save money and time. For marketing purposes, all your marketing messages will be consistent. You’ll have a set number of conferences to speak at and meetings to attend. You will not be all over the place “chasing” clients and spending dollar after dollar after dollar. Heck, isn’t there more than enough “stuff” for us to do as business owners?

I remember the first time I went into a networking meeting and introduced myself simply as a “Business Consultant and Coach” who helps “women who own a service business and service professionals.” I left the “life” off in front of “Coach.” I left the word “career” out of the sentence about whom I helped.

I was so nervous! And what happened? Well, I survived the meeting, obviously. And, after the meeting, someone asked if I could coach their husband who was in transition between CAREERS! Boy, did that teach me a valuable lesson. If you are clear and confident (or seem that way) people will provide you with wonderful business opportunities that you can say yes to… or no to.

Should you ever go out of your Ideal Client Base? The bottom line is that it’s up to you. It’s your choice and isn’t that great that you’ve created a situation where you have such a choice? For example: I work with some “C” level executives (COO, CFO, CTO) because they’re really running small companies, too. Their company is just called a department. And while I speak mostly on business, marketing and Internet topics, I have 4 personal development topics I teach, too. However, my audiences for those topics are business owners and executives. OR I give back to the community by helping not-for-profit board members, chapters or staff create business plans. And you can create those choices for your business, too.

Even after you choose your ideal client, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. You ought to be monitoring your company’s marketing efforts and noticing when things are changing – including when your ideal client or your focus is changing.

What else happens when you create an ICP and monitor your business? You’ll start to notice new patterns. Here’s one example and how it helped my business. I started noticing that 95% of my clients wanted to use their knowledge and turn it into cash by creating multiple streams of business income (like articles, ebooks, CDs, audios, etc.) Now, what could I do with that information? 1) Use it to create new programs, ebooks or classes that my ICP’s will want to attend. 2) Model creating those products by creating them myself. The ways to use that information to create additional streams of income are endless!

So…. take a risk – and create your ideal client profile today!

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Is Your Client Anyone Willing to Pay You?

Many business owners market to everyone and anyone. The “think” this will get them more business.

How wrong they are!

Do you describe your clients as…
Willing to pay.
Has skin
Everyone who..

When you market to everyone you’ll attract “clients from hell.” They’ll eat up your precious time, they won’t trust you, they’ll nickle and dime you AND they either won’t pay you on time OR they will run out on you without paying.

Here’s the thing. If you work with every prospect that comes to you; you’re not working smarter — you’re working harder. You WANT to tell people who aren’t ideal “no”.

You WANT to attract great clients.

No one wants to create an ideal client profile — until they feel frustrated and resentful at the type of clients they are getting. No one wants to work dumbly, but if you don’t have an ideal client profile, I can tell you that you’re doing just that.

Corporations have them and small businesses can have them, too. Create your ideal client and you’ll market smarter and make lots more money.

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