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There are many ways to reuse or repurpose articles you’ve written. Blogs give your articles new life and drive traffic to your website at the same time!Before blogs existed, my newsletter subscribers would ask me to re-send tips on specific subjects. Thank goodness for blogs! In 2002, I created my first blog.Every time I create a new tip, I post it to my blog. The articles are categorized and a search feature makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Additionally, and most importantly, the search engines love blog posts. Articles you post on your blog may be ranked higher there than on your website. PLUS, if you use you’re a favorite social media sharing plug-in, it adds sharing links each blog post. Then you and your visitors can share your article or tip with others.

Take Action

1) Post your articles, events, and important information from your newsletter to your blog.

2) Create categories for your blog this week. Start by reading a tip at my favorite WordPress Blog Information site

3) Add a social networking plug-in to your blog posts. Learn how at the WordPress Codex Website

4) Are you looking for information on a specific business-building topic? Start at my blog. I’ve posted the categories and links below to make it easy for you to begin.

Marketing With Integrity Blog – Categories

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Tips on Getting Leads When You’re Low on Cash

Article marketing

Article marketing is the best way to market on a limited budget. Write articles directed to your niche. Place them on your blog and share them on social networking sites where your ideal clients hand out in masses. With a subscription box on your website, gather emails and create a newsletter using your articles. You can put your articles on your stationary and give them out at networking events. You can turn groups of articles into an ebook that you can give away, too.

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13 Short and Powerful Reasons To Write Articles Now

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Summary: If you’re not using one of the best
ways on the net to market, your giving up this lucrative
way of attracting pre-qualified visitors to your web site.


Marketing using articles is an inexpensive way to expose your services to large numbers of potential clients. Do you know that many ezine publishers (online newsletters), blog, and web site owners are looking for free content? True! So are magazines, your local business newspapers, etc.

When you submit your articles as free content on the web or are paid for writing articles, it brings you additional publicity. Still not sure about this tip? See more reasons to market with articles below:

Where did these suggestions come from? I’ve been article marketing since 1999, and I can tell you firsthand, article marketing works!

1. When you submit articles about what you know, your specialty, you’ll have an opportunity to become known as an expert or authority in that field.

2. Your articles will be published and you’ll be about say that you’re a published author!

3. The resource box at the end of the article, sometimes called a bio, may bring additional traffic to your web site or offers of speaking. That’s because you’ve included a link to your product, ezine, affiliate site, etc. in the bio.

4. You may gain new ezine subscribers (of course you’ve have a link on youw website) or new clients.

5. You’ll have content for your own ezine (online newsletter), newsletter, or web site. Or to swap with other ezine publishers.

6. You’ll have material for an "extra" mailing to potential clients, former clients, or your network in general.

7. Local recognition starts occurring when you meet people who say they know you, and it’s because – you guessed it, they’ve read one of your articles in a local magazine or newspaper.

8. You may be asked to be a monthly columnist and write articles for money.

9. You can combine the articles you’ve written into an ecourse, ebook, or printed book.

10. Drive traffic to your site by placing each of your articles on its own page of your web site, along with keywords, a description, your bio, and guidelines on how your article can be used. Include social networking sharing tools.

11. You even may have some part of your article used as a quote in another article!

12. You can add Google AdSense words on the pages of your website that your articles reside, and earn a little residual money, too.

13. Freelancer writers, who write for major magazines may find your articles and interview you for stories.