7 Helpful Resources To Refine Your Niche

Have you been thinking you need to redefine or refine your niche?  Maybe you’re newly considering niching as a way to have more time to work with clients?  If so, you’ll find the blog articles and webinar resources below more than helpful.  

Refine Your Niche with 158+ Examples for Financial Advisors

Here is an ever-expanding list of possible niches to get you thinking.  They are sectioned off into three categories — what I call the 3 P’s:  population and product (which most financial advisors think about when they are considering niching) AND passion (yours and your clients).    http://www.marketingwithintegrity.com/67-financial-advisor-niches/

13 Reasons Why You Should Refine Your Niche

This is a list of niching benefits gleaned over 16 years.

Working Smarter: Hitting YOUR Niche

Wouldn’t you like to be SOUGHT OUT by prospects instead of constantly chasing them? If prospects aren’t finding YOU, you are missing your niche. This webinar training is free with a newsletter subscription. The newsletter includes our 3 Niching P’s training and will walk you through the process of choosing a niche.  Ask Maria for the link to the niching video Ask Maria for the link to the niching video please provide us with your full name and website.

Less IS MORE When It Comes to Running a Successful Practice

Learn what different financial advisors–from startups to experienced advisors–discovered when they niched.

Spaghetti Marketing Hurts Your Business

This article is about what often happens when you don’t niche.  Prospects gathered via Spaghetti Marketing rarely, if ever, develop into ideal clients. These prospects only have one thing in common:  breathing.  Chances are they’ll be clients from hell.  This article also includes a list of 9 processes that successful financial advisors have developed.  http://www.marketingwithintegrity.com/stop-spaghetti-marketing-effective/

Why Finding Your Niche Leads to More Success

Learn what 13 successful financial and business owners say about niching or having a niche.   http://www.marketingwithintegrity.com/inding-your-niche-leads-to-more-success/

11 Quotes On Niching From 11 Celebrities

If you’re wondering if and how successful business owners, from a variety of industries feel about niching read this article.

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Marketing Plan or Business Plan, Which Do You Need?

ideaplanaction14627091_lMost financial advisors start out with the same basic dilemma: they have neither a business plan nor a marketing plan. Instead, they’re winging it!

Needless to say, this isn’t the most efficient or effective way to run a financial firm. It’s
also a good way to consistently work 50+ hour weeks, suffer from the constant nag of stress, and end up with a dreadful case of burnout!

Do you know the difference between a business plan and a marketing plan? A business plan is not a marketing plan. Having a marketing plan without a business plan leads to churning through a lot of money fast. So what’s the difference and which one do you need? I’m glad you asked.

Business Plans for Financial Advisors

Your business plan is the foundation of your firm. It should include the answers to questions such as:

• Why does your business exist?
• What are your services and products?
• How much money do you want to make?
• What does your SWOT analysis reveal? (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)
• What makes your company unique?
• What sets you apart from other companies doing similar things? (comparison)
• What do you bring to your clients that is unique?
• What are your company’s values?
• Who is on your management team?

Marketing Plans for Financial Advisors

Your marketing strategies are informed by the answers to the questions above in your business plan.

Your marketing plan starts with your niche and ideal client profile. You want to manage your marketing for the best results versus what I call “spaghetti marketing”. You can’t decide what to spend your time on, marketing-wise, if you don’t know who you are marketing to!

If you don’t have an ideal client profile, start the process by reading these articles.

Here are some of the questions a marketing plan should answer:

• What do I have to do to remind others I’m here to help them?
• What are my pricing strategies?
• How do I distribute what I’m offering?
• What can I do to reach a large number of my ideal clients, in the least amount of time, and get the biggest bang for my buck?
• What does my marketing funnel look like? (You may have two — one for online prospects and one for in-person prospects.)

Your business plan, ideal client profile, and marketing plan now become systems that you monitor. They can be on paper, in Excel, or online. The main thing is that you define and create them, and use them daily to help you set better priorities.


With a system that monitors your business and marketing plan — be it a performance management system, dashboard, or spreadsheet — whatever you want to call it, you’ll catch what’s working and what’s not working. And you’ll be able to tweak your strategies and actions sooner, before they turn into very costly mistakes. More importantly, doing the business part of business will be easier to accomplish, you’ll spend more time with clients, and you’ll earn more! And isn’t that what business is about?

Putting a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan Together

Business plans and marketing plans have distinct purposes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put them together into one comprehensive plan. Doing this makes your practice management more enjoyable, more productive, and more profitable.

To learn about the planning system I recommend that combines your business and marketing plan into just one page that helps you stay on track, visit http://www.BusinessAndMarketingPlan.com

You can do business without all the fundamental best practices that this article talks about. But it’s better to do yourself a favor (which is probably going to also be a big favor to your team, significant other, and family). Put aside 5 days a year to do the planning necessary to give your business a better chance of more success.

If you want your clients to “do” their plans, do yours first.

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Podcast: Your Game Plan To Hire The Right Team

Maria shares her easy way to simplify your strategic planning process. Learn how to create the start of a successful hiring process on this JenningsWire Podcasts.

Your Game Plan To Hire The Right Team

◾What should your business game plan look like?
◾Where do business owners make their biggest mistake in hiring?
◾How does a hiring plan work when it comes to “teams”?
◾What is it that you need before doing any planning, marketing or hiring?
◾What else would you like to tell our listeners?

It’s a little more than 9 minutes long but high in content! Listen here

JenningsWire is created By Annie Jennings PR, National Publicist. Annie has also worked in the financial industry and works with financial advisors today.

JenningsWire is created By Annie Jennings PR, National Publicist.

We’re Offering Training For Advisors Clients

If business owners or CEOs are your niche, here’s a special invitation.

I can help you help your clients to grow their business by providing them with a business development workshop, just like I did for Sam’s Club. I brought the store manager the idea of offering his customers a 60-minute strategic planning on steroids workshop and he jumped at the idea. He was looking for opportunities to get more business owners into the store without it being about purchasing a Sam’s Club Card or products in the store. They invited their customers and asked them to invite other business owners, 60 of which attended the event.

My offer to you is similar. It’s an opportunity for you to bring strangers into your business who may be prospective customers. I’ll provide an educational webinar for 50 people or teleseminar for 1000 people, on your behalf.

I’ll conduct the program and you offer it as a sponsor of the event. Send out invitations, invite who you want, ask your clients to invite people, etc. Invite others to the event could dramatically widen your prospective client list dramatically. This is a great way for you to thank your current best clients, as well as the friends that they invite.

Or if you conduct in person seminars, I could do an event at your location. You see, in a few months, I am driving across the country, from Seattle to Orlando, to New York. So talk to me about doing an in-person workshop for 90-minute.

My speaking rates and how I customize programs are clearly listed on my website. http://actnowseminars.com/new/index.php/customization/ . However, I’ll conduct a teleseminar or webinar for just $250 or a workshop at your place for $750.

Please note: 2016 webinars or seminars must be scheduled and paid for before May 20, 2016. Webinars can take place before May 20 or between September 1 and October 30. Workshops must take place between May 27 and July 10, 2016 when I’m traveling. or before or after the Christmas holidays. (January is a great time to hold a planning workshop).

To view Maria’s training programs, go to ActNowSeminars.com

Contact me so we can collaborate to develop a great seminar that you can offer for your clients and help them grow their businesses more this year! Let’s Talk!

Add Pizzazz To Your LinkedIn Profile With Symbols

Here’s the answer to another question I’ve been asked this month.


Where do you get the symbols you use in your title on LinkedIn and throughout your LinkedIn profile?


I use symbols and lines and such because it differentiates different sections of my profile and makes a profile easier to read. And we all want our profiles read, right?

I gathered those symbol since 2004 from a variety of places online. You have my AOK to copy and paste the symbols and use them on your profile, too. Here’s my profile www.LinkedIn.com/in/mariamarsala

You can create them, too. When you’re on your computer, open a document, you hit control >alt and some numbers, you’ll create a few of them the old fashioned way! They way we used to create them in the early 1990’s.

Symbols are also available by going to MS Word, then change the font to one of the Wingdings. Use the symbols you want and then copy the symbol to your LinkedIn profile.

Lastly, you can use the cheat sheet I use nowadays at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscellaneous_Symbols