AVON Provides Safe, Unique Fundraising Opportunities

Poulsbo, WA—May 18, 2012—Local organizations, associations, and schools can raise funds with AVON’s best-selling products. Since the “AVON Foundation for Women” started in 1955, it is the world’s largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy and it has raised more than $860 million in more than 50 countries for causes most important to women – breast cancer research and efforts to reduce domestic and gender violence.  With AVON, Independent Sales Representatives are able to host independent local fundraisers to raise money for causes that are important to them, their customers and consumers with AVON’s popular products.


“Since the 1990’s, I’ve noticed that more limitations are being placed on fundraising efforts,” states Maria Marsala, AVON Independent Sales Representative. “In my area there are fewer car washes because they can negatively impact the environment.  I have seen most long-standing fundraising efforts become extinct because it is arguably no longer safe to send children door-to-door.”


AVON fundraisers offer many advantages:

  • There’s minimal paperwork to complete
  • No need to buy merchandise up front
  • Door-to-door selling not required
  • The average customer order is more than $15
  • All products are backed by AVON’s 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The potential of funds raised is up to 40% of the orders received
  • An organization can have its money in as little as three weeks


“AVON’s reputation for top-quality products opens doors and makes selling simple,” adds Marsala.  “Skin So Soft, Bug Guard, and AVON’s Bubble Bath are just a few of America’s favorite products, and unlike gift wrap or candy bars, they are products the whole family needs.”


Fundraising participants can sell to people they know locally, or the entire fundraiser can be held online, using a special code for the group.  Participants can then request support from family and friends all over the USA.


Additionally, AVON offers a unique USO fundraising program.  AVON donates $4 of every $10 sale to the USO.  Those who purchase products can keep the products or donate the bundle back to AVON where the donations are then delivered to USO.


To learn how an AVON fundraiser can work for your organization, or to schedule an information session for your Board of Directors or Fundraising Committee, contact Maria Marsala, Independent AVON Representative, at 360-271-8418 or online at http://www.YourAvon.com/mmarsala


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Marsala Selected ‘Top-Idea Maven’ by 2012 Woman’s Advantage Calendar

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Maria Marsala

Elevating Your Business

19906 Hamilton CT NE, Suite A

Poulsbo, WA 98370





“Local Entrepreneur Selected ‘Top-Idea Maven’ by 2012 Woman’s Advantage Calendar

Thought-Provoking Advice for Female Business Owners Available Today

Poulsbo, WA—October 27, 2011—Maria Marsala, business strategist and coach to accountants and financial advisors, contributes sage advice for the second time to The Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar.


Marsala’s entry, “It’s OK to fire your clients”, was selected from over 5,000 submissions.

The Woman’s Advantage 2012 Calendar provides sound bites of advice to female business owners from influential women leaders across the US and Canada.  It covers key business issues including: organization, promotion, sales, and human resources.


“What I like about this calendar is that it doesn’t tell you what to do,” observes Marsala.  “It makes you think, and then you can decide to make some changes—or not.”


Marsala was recognized earlier this year as one of the World’s Top 30 Coaching Gurus by Coaching Gurus International.  She garnered high ratings for her original ideas and the impact they have on business growth.


Mary Cantando, Growth Expert of The Woman’s Advantage, announced that Marsala’s advice will appear on May 18th of the 2012 calendar, due to be released today.


“Maria’s quote was selected because it was powerful, yet easy to understand.  Her idea is relevant to almost every woman in business today,” says Cantando.  “Women financial practitioners will learn so much from the advice provided by Maria and the other 365 successful women quoted in the calendar.”


Those interested in ordering the calendar can gain free access to Marsala’s webinar, “6 Steps to Creating an Ideal Client Profile”.  Use the code MM1 in the referral box and send the receipt of purchase to Marsala for access to the webinar.  Order the calendar at:  http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/wisdom



About Maria Marsala:

Maria Marsala is a former Wall Street trader, an international speaker, author, strategic business strategist, and coach to financial professionals.  She founded her firm, Elevating Your Business, in 1998 and specializes in fast-tracking finance, investment, and insurance advisors’ business growth.  Maria Marsala is available for interviews, keynotes, and workshops and can reached at www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com or by calling 360-271-8418.


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Business Strategist Named One of World’s Top 30 Coaching Gurus

Poulsbo, WA—June 30, 2011—Poulsbo resident and native New Yorker, Maria Marsala—a.k.a. Coach Maria—was recognized as one of the World’s Top 30 Coaching Gurus, a distinction awarded by Coaching Gurus International.  http://tinyurl.com/coachguru

Coaching Gurus International surveyed 22,000 business owners, consultants, academics, and MBAs from around the globe to nominate top professionals in the coaching industry.  Candidates were rated on originality of ideas, practicality of ideas, coaching results, presentation style, international outlook, impact of ideas, quality of publications and writings, dispersion of publications and writings, public opinion, and the guru factor.

The survey asked participants to vote for the world’s most influential coaching professionals from an estimated pool of 100,000 candidates worldwide.  The candidates were rated on their ability to positively impact clients’ personal, financial, and business abilities.  The coaches were also evaluated on their success in applying coaching principals to their own organizations and their stand for business excellence around the world.

Receiving over 1,000 votes, Marsala garnered high ratings for her original ideas and the impact they have on business growth.  She secured position number twenty-five on the guru list.  “I am humbled to be in the company of my personal mentors—coaches like Tony Robbins and Bob Burg,” Marsala stated.
About Maria Marsala
Maria Marsala is an internationally-known author and speaker with 35 years of business experience.  She is a graduate of Coach U, founding member of Coachville, and a former Wall Street Trader.  Her firm, Elevating Your Business, was founded in 1998 and specializes in fast-tracking finance, investment, and insurance advisors’ business growth.  She helps owners and practitioners in financial firms purposefully plan their futures, manage their operations with less effort, and target their marketing efforts to reach more high net-worth clients.  Marsala’s informative teleseminars and live business planning workshops have inspired thousands of people to turbo-charge their businesses and their lives.  She can be reached at www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com or by calling 360-271-8418.


Selected As a “Top-Idea Maven”

Maria Marsala Selected As a “Top-Idea Maven” by The Woman’s Advantage

Entrepreneur’s Advice Featured in 2010 Woman’s Advantage Calendar

Poulsbo, WA – Maria Marsala, Profitability Expert at Elevating Your Business was selected from over 3,500 submissions to be featured in The 2010 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar. The calendar provides advice for women business owners from influential women leaders across the US and Canada.

Mary Cantando, Growth Expert of The Woman’s Advantage, today announced that Maria’s advice will be included in the calendar which is to be released this month.

“Maria Marsala’s quote was selected because it was simply powerful yet easy to understand. Her idea “Excuses are soul-killers” is relevant to almost every woman in business today.” says Cantando. “Women business owners and those who dream of starting a business will learn so much from the advice provided by Maria and the other successful women quoted in the calendar.”

The Woman’s Advantage 2010 Calendar provides sound bites of advice on key business issues including: organization, promotion, sales, and human resources.

About Maria Marsala
Maria Marsala, a refugee from Wall Street, is an internationally known profitability expert and speaker who supports women businesses owners to run highly profitable, more productive businesses while they live a high-quality lifestyle. She’s also a licensed One Page Business Plan® Consultant and member of the National Association of Female Executives, Seattle Philanthropic Advisors Network, and recently founded the Women Business Advisors Alliance.

About Mary Cantando:
Mary Cantando is a nationally recognized expert on women business owners. She is the developer of the successful Woman’s Advantage line of products, geared specifically to women entrepreneurs. A member of the National Speakers’ Association, Cantando provides keynotes and workshops for women who want to grow their businesses.

News Facts:
• Maria Marsala was selected as a “Top-Idea Maven” by The Woman’s Advantage. Her quote appears on May 24 in the 2010 Woman’s Advantage Calendar.
• The Woman’s Advantage Calendar provides daily advice on key business issues including organization, promotion, sales, and human resources. For more information, call 919-841-0401 or visit http://www.WomansAdvantage.biz


For Immediate Release:


Poulsbo, WA Feb 2009 – Maria Marsala was named the Chic of the Week, an award for women business owners this week by The Chic Entrepreneur. Maria will be featured on the ChicEntrepreneur.com website homepage all week with a full page profile highlighting her success in business. The Chic of Week Award was developed by Elizabeth Gordon author of the Amazon.com Women in Business 21-week bestseller, The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels as a way to help women in business highlight and share their success.

Maria Marsala is the Senior Strategic Coach and Trainer at Elevating Your Business located at Poulsbo, WA

This week her success will be celebrated. She will be featured exclusively in the Chic Spotlight, with a full description of her business accomplishments, philosophy and why she is a Chic Entrepreneur. Her profile will be archived on the ChicEntrepreneur.com website and added to growing list and photo gallery of high achieving entrepreneurial women around the US who have enjoyed this honor since April of 2004, coinciding with the release of the book it was named for.

Elizabeth Gordon says “I am thrilled to have added Maria to our wall of fame. We choose our Chic of the Week winners based on their business strategy, their attitude, their style and savvy, and their success and fulfillment, and Maria certainly is a Chic Entrepreneur!”

Gordon says the current business landscape is ripe for female entrepreneurs. Historically women have been underrepresented in the ranks of entrepreneurs – but that is rapidly changing as recent years have seen women starting new businesses at twice the rate of men. Even the most male dominated industries are slowly wizening up to the fact that they need women in business for that all important female perspective.

“Women make great business owners– they are highly creative, terrific problem solvers and amazing at juggling multiple priorities, making them ideal in a startup situation. The skills required to run a household are remarkably transferrable to the role of small business owner,” she says.

Unlike men, women’s version of success has multiple dimensions. While financial success is important to them, women also measure their success in terms of impacting others and being able to enjoy an ideal lifestyle. “A Chic Entrepreneur is not a workaholic, she makes her own Chic Schedule by making her business work for her,” says Gordon. “Maria Marsala has done it!”

Gordon wrote The Chic Entrepreneur to teach women that they can be in control of their own economic power, without sacrificing their femininity. In it she shows former corporate women and business novices step-by-step how to build a business that will bring them the financial and lifestyle rewards they seek and use the fact that they are a woman to their advantage. “Women experience life differently than men and they make decisions differently; therefore they do business differently,” says Gordon. Adding, “now thanks to our foremothers, we can do business as women and succeed as women, and that’s what being a Chic Entrepreneur is all about.”


Maria Marsala, founder of Elevating Your Business, is a former Fortune 300 executive, business strategist, author, and speaker. Maria entered the business world at 14 as an Avon representative and started her “second” career on Wall Street at the tender age of 17. Working for such formerly well-respected firms as Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter Reynolds, and Bear Stearns, Maria’s fierce determination and keen business insights led her to becoming a bond trader at a time when women executives were a rare commodity. Since 1998, Maria has worked with CEOs and Presidents, addressing the challenges of growing 6 and 7-figure companies, helping her clients streamline and automate their operations, so they can earn more, work less, and enjoy a higher quality life. For more information visit www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com

About The Chic Entrepreneur
Elizabeth Gordon is the founder and President of Flourishing Business®, an advisory firm for entrepreneurs headquartered in Atlanta, that sells licenses globally. Before she became an entrepreneur, she spent 10 years consulting and managing at Fortune 500 companies, privately held firms and state and national governments. Her first book, The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels was published by Robert D. Reed in May of 2008 and has hit the Amazon.com women in business bestseller list for 21 weeks. In November 2008, Ms. Gordon was honored as a Business Up and Comer and named the prestigious 40 Under 40 list by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Ms. Gordon is on the Board of Advisors for the newly launched Pink Payments, the first for women, by women, supporting women merchant services provider supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She was a charter member for Zonta Buckhead, a nonprofit with the mission of advancing the status of women worldwide. She has previously served on the Board of Directors of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). For more information, visit www.flourishingbusiness.com or www.chicentrepreneur.com.

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Media Contact:
Maria Marsala, 425-440-9659