9 Business Building Reasons To Join a Mastermind

No one, no way, no how can be completely objective about their own business. Period.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at it. You can’t objectively look at your business, and neither can I look at my own business objectively.

Our families and other loved ones, look at our businesses and give us either no support because they’re too afraid for us. OR
they give us biased support based on their own biases or not wanting to hurt our feelings by telling us the trutht.

That doesn’t mean that we need to just go out there and ask people for ideas and help; I’ve tried that myself, and with the exception of those I’ve hired, I haven’t been given much good advice. In fact, I’ve had to stop talking some of the original people I put into my “loosly-knit” board of advisors, because they were giving me advice based on themselves and not on my goals or dreams!

In 2001 I created my first mastermind group by gathering a group of collegues from a few coaching email lists. With the exception of one person, I knew no one.

We started off at 15 people and then within a month or so, ended up with 5 and I went out looking for more, since I wasn’t sure if the 5 would even stay!

I started the group thinking that we didn’t need a “leader” and that people would volunteer and just be greatful for the help and show up.

Boy was I wrong!

It had a process in mind, had it written and then the group tweaked it. But keeping track of whose turn it was to be the leader, or on the help seat became a chore.

While I enjoyed the group and learned from them, I felt exhasted, and realized that I was giving away too much to my competitors.
I decided to leave the group, but they were around for at least 6 years as a much smaller group.

The moral of the story is that I learned a lot about how to run a Mastermind, I have a system I’ve used ever since then. It’s worked, we’ve tweeked it some more and now it’s time to teach others the benefits of masterminds, too.

The Benefits

  1. helps keep things in perspective.
  2. get encouragement, support, and the truth no matter what,  from people who “get” you.
  3. realize your goal$ quicker.
  4. focus, focus, focus on your goals.
  5. receive immediate feedback and support you can use right away.
  6. throw the “lone ranger syndrome” out the window and feel part of a larger group again.
  7. be part of a dynamic team of your peers and use then as your private board of advisors.
  8. attend a consistant meeting to attend of your peers.
  9. accomplish your goals with the help of your peers.

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