Are you in a study group? Is your chapter looking for speakers?

If you are a member of a Study Group or a chapter of a financial association or network, Maria would like to provide your group with a free 30 to 45 minute teleseminar or webinar. The topic would be educational and your group can choose from 4 practice management topics.

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Seeking Practice Management Speakers. Financial Advisor Niche

Who: I’m Maria, a Business Coach who works with Financial Advisors.  My website is


Where:  I’m taping either an Interview with speakers OR a webinar with PPT.  Speakers Choice.

What:   Count on Success Virtual Practice Management Summit  The Count on Success Virtual Summit speakers are providing important educational content with action steps that advisors can use right away. Whatever  practice management topic they speak on, the topic and materials can stand on their own.

Event  Theme:  More Profit, Time & Fun

Who: (Speakers)

  • You’re an expert in a practice management area niched to financial advisors.
  • You’ll speak for free (the entire event is free) on my virtual platform.
  • You and I will tape your event before 11/20/16
  • You’ll complete the template I provide, ASAP, you that captures your bio, presentation, and the free gift in a consistent format.
  • Yes, you are welcome to speak on a topic and even use a PPT that you’ve used before.  No need to reinvent the wheel if the topic works well for our mutual audience.
  • You’ll provide participants with a free checklist or template (no ebooks, please) in return for them giving YOU their email address.
  • Each speaker is promoting the event to their email list of at least 2000 financial professionals.  They are sending emails out twice before the event starts.  This step is non-negotiable.  Emailing our own lists, gives the other speakers more reach and in return gives you more reach. I’m providing email templates for the speakers to use as a guide.
  • Each speaker is promoting the event to their social networking lists, including  emailing their LinkedIn connections.  I’m providing a page of possible updates and tweets.

What I’ve done:

  • I’m providing a Press Release template, Squeeze page for people to sign up for your newsletter and download their gift.
  • You can visit the site at   After December 15th there will also be a gifts page, FAQ page, Agenda, Speakers description page and more.
  • I set up an affiliate link. You can join our affiliate program with a special link you’ll use in your promotions.
  • Should someone you send to the summit wish to buy all the presentations, you’ll receive a 40% commission on the $97 or $147 sale.   If you don’t want your commission or can’t take it, tell me what nonprofit to donate the funds to.
  • I’m coordinating everything else (which would fill 3 blog posts, I’m sure!)

Event’s Niche:
RIAs and Top Advisors with teams, who employ other advisors, service advisors, associates, etc. who are growing firms (or those aspiring to be).

When: January 11 to January 29, 2017.   Each event will be available online and via phone listening, for 24 hours.

Topics I’m Looking For:
Social media, technology solutions, and helping established advisors create more opportunities to work with clients virtually. I’m also inviting speakers to talk about such important issues as succession, marketing, sales, human capital, operations, management, and of course… client acquisition/retention.  Open to other topics.

You’re available to speak on a topic relating to automating/systematizing  operations or marketing. You might speak on HR issues, web design, social media, cybersecurity, publishing/writing books,


Not Seeking

  • We’re full regarding coaches who speak. But feel free to send me your information for the 2017 version.
  • We are not looking for speakers who work with clients or who speak about niching, segmenting client base, ideal client profile, strategic business/operations/meeting plan.

Event Website URL:

Organizers Website:
,Maria Marsala


Sign up here:  Look for the registration form.


Feel free to pass this along to speakers you feel can contribute to the event.

Maria Marsala


Business Coaching for (Newer) RIAs & Financial Advisors

 Business Coaching for Financial Advisors
New RIAs and financial advisors. Grow your financial firm on a strong footing.

I love working with Top Advisors and my programs are geared towards their needs.  However, I’m always looking for affordable ways to help (newer) advisors to become Top Advisors.   For my purposes, you’re new” if you’ve been independent or working for a firm for less than 3 years and your revenues are under 250K.  OR you’ve been around the block a few times but your revenue is less than 250K a year.

In the past few months, I’ve had conversations with many newer advisors who come to the gate with big lofty goals and small pocket books (purses, or attaché cases).  Their goals have one thing in common — to be Top Advisors with a stellar team.

They’ve attended my Business Simplified, a la carte programs – or not.  However, they’ve been asking for something longer-term AND within their budget.  They want to achieve success faster in areas that are most meaningful to them and feel that more calls/contact would help them reach their goals.

“THRIVE” IS the name of a 1:1 program I’m offering to up to 4 newer advisors.  The program starts and is paid for before September 15, 2015.  THRIVE is a low cost, high impact, nuts-n-bolts program created to propel new advisors forward more quickly than you can do on your own.

How we’ll start:  We’ll assess where you’re at, create your vision for your firm’s growth, and then create a plan to help you grow more quickly.

Here’s what you get with THRIVE:

  • One 90-minute call in month one plus various assessments.
  • Welcome Kit with business-building goodies.
  • Two 30-minute or one 60-minute call per month for 6 months.
  • PLUS email support every Friday through our Success Tracker for accountability, as well as requests for resources and guidance.

Cost: $2,500   Available payment plan:  $500 PLUS purchase 3 books on the first month and then $250 for 6 months. Only available for 4 (newer) advisors and only available before September 1, 2015.

To sign up or learn more go here:   I’ll call you as soon I hear from you.

Want more?  View all our practice management programs (with prices listed)


Profit More This Summer!


It’s almost halfway through the year. Are you almost halfway to your 2015 goals?

In January, you set goals to increase your AUM, work fewer hours, and spend more time at home . . . how are you doing with those?

Time flies, doesn’t it? Before you know it, you get sidetracked and end up bogged down in paperwork. And those resolutions seem far, far away. It’s natural to just do the things you’re comfortable with for the sake of time and sanity. But doing the same things won’t get you to your goals!

If you’re REALLY serious about hitting your goals this year, you have time . . . 6 months is a lot of time, but you must act NOW! Don’t let another holiday season take you by surprise. Come December, do you want to put your feet up by the fire while the snow is flying? Or hustle and bustle to the bitter end of the year?


GrowthMany of our clients say that coaching allows them to accomplish more in 3 months than they did the entire year (or more) before. Is this is the kind of solution you need? Is it time to hire a coach who can help you get you those kinds of results? If you’ve decided to do things differently, we have programs to supply you with accountability, focus, and plenty of business building tools. They’re designed around proven ways to fast-track your goals in 2015.

A Business Simplified program is for you if . . .
. . . you thought you couldn’t afford coaching.
. . . you’re ready to refine your niche or create your business and marketing plan.
. . . you prefer a short-term commitment.

It’s time to complete important business fundamentals fast and at affordable rates. Create or refine your firms niche and ideal client profile, business operations and marketing plan, or 90-day sales plan.


Enroll in one of the eligible programs listed below before the First Official Day of Summer (Sunday, June 21, 2015) and get discounts I’ve never offered before (and not planning to again).

Take 25% off any one-hour, 30-day, or 90-day Business Simplified program. (The 3-Day Business Plan in a weekend is not included in this special.)

All programs will begin right away: on Monday, June 1, 8, 15, and the latest on June 22, 2015 . . . the clock is ticking and we want you to use all 6 months to our advantage!

See everything you get with these programs . . . and why the offers above are a steal.

Then click on Step 1 to schedule a no-obligation Discovery Interview with me to talk about the option you’re considering.

One more thing . . . this offer is limited to the first 10 advisors who sign up! I have limited time available in the next month, so it’s first come, first served! Then I’ll start a waiting list.

This is the best offer I’ve made on these programs all year, and I won’t offer them again at these rates in 2015.


Because I prefer to reward (and work with) action-takers, if you’re one of the first 5 advisors to take me up on my special summer rates and fast-track your 2015 goals, you’ll get my special report:"Top 10 Ways Financial Professionals Market Smarter", a guide to building your business with clients you really enjoy!

If you know that the time is NOW to select a program, view the Business Simplified options. choose the best option for you, and follow the steps to schedule your no-obligation Discovery Interview. Start here

Don’t let another 6 months of struggling to expand your practice go by. There’s a better, much easier way to achieve your goals –with these prices there are no excuses left, and best of all, you don’t have to do business alone anymore! Enroll today and let’s get you out of this cycle for good.

Fill out the contact form now to schedule your Discovery Interview and let’s chat about what’s the best option for your firm’s growth.

Upwards and onwards,

Maria Marsala Logo

P.S. You’ve heard it before – if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail. View our Business Simplified programs and request
a meeting with me today.

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt – “Everybody needs a coach”

As a Business Coach, I enjoyed listening to Mr. Schmidt’s endorsement of how helpful it’s been for him to have Coach.

It’s a big myth that only people in trouble or people who lack solutions or who can’t solve their own problems hire coaches. The truth is that hiring a coach gives you another perspective on life/business, an ear to hear yourself speak outloud, and cheerleader, someone who helpfully questions you, and a person who provides you advice. In my case, I assist my clients to create plans and improve the operations and marketing of their firms.

Enjoy the short video.