Issues that effect building a company and it’s executives.

59 Ways To Stand Out From the Crowd in Business

42. Take the Notes – Please!

Since 1998, I have offered audio taping of coaching calls and over the years, doing so has become commonplace. So, how can I  go the extra mile to stand out?  I recently started providing clients with a transcription of the call within 4 days (usually sooner). Our clients can focus on the topics they bring to the call, not worry about missing resources, not have to take detailed notes, and more importantly, not have to listen to an hour of audio — unless they want to.
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Turn Fear Into An Adventure

“The difference between fear and excitement is breathing!” – Various takers show ownership.

Breathing gives me the time to turn what I’m fearing into an enjoyable adventure. This quote has meant the difference between living life proactively, even going against family and friends, to live my life my way.  It’s meant moving out of the place I called home, to live in other places for a while. It’s meant starting a business when things looked their lowest.

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58 Great Business Travel Tips

Carol Roth’s done it again…  She’s gathered 58 business owners who submitted their best travel tips.


19. Find Additional Revenue

Being hired as a Keynoter or Workshop Leader does not mean that you only have one opportunity to work.  Once you have a signed contract, look for other opportunities to speak. Chambers, Business Incubators, other conferences or chapter meetings would welcome the opportunity to have a “non-local” speak and as a bonus, they won’t have to pay your airfare.  Bonus Tip: Add packages of instant oatmeal to your luggage for a healthier breakfast or snack.
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“Must attend” tax class for growing businesses

Tax information, from recordkeeping and retirement plans, provided by or sponsored by the source — the IRS is available online.   Getting these classes under your belt, and revisiting them from time to time can make you a more “enlightened business owner or practitioner”.

Now I’m not saying that you should become your own tax advisor — OH NO!  You wear enough “hats” in your business and anyway, there is too much to keep up with!   That’s why you pay your accountant, CPA or EA.   But I am saying that you want to have general information to help you make more informed business decisions.

Most workshops are free, although a few have a minimal charge, the fee paid to the sponsoring organization, not the IRS.

Here’s what’s offered:

If workshops are available in your local, I highly recommend that you take the time off, get out of your office, and physically take a class. Consider bringing your bookkeeper or assistant along with you. Or include the clasese in the training you provide your staff and provide them with them travel, lunch and/or snack money.

The main reason for going is that you’re going to have lots of questions as you listen to the training. You’ll get your questions answered and who knows, you may meet your next client there, too.

Other important IRS resources for us business owners:

A website with information for corporations, partnerships, small business and international business.

Download information in PDF format

Forms and Instructions


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