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Strategic Partnership Benefits Financial Advisors

“Financial advisors now have a private environment in which to share ideas, learn from one another, and find solutions to their problems… Within the FA today site, members can connect with coaches, industry experts, and their peers–and act on the industry’s best business development and marketing ideas as they’re written.”

Maria Marsala, Founder of Elevating Your Business

“We are always seeking new ways to help even more financial advisors, and lets us do that in real-time.”

–Maria Marsala, Founder of Elevating Your Business


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Here’s that info I promised (HUGE COACHING SALE)

birthdaycakeOn Friday, I spilled the beans about my big Transformation Acceleration Sale, a Thank You, in honor of my October birthday! The sale starts today, and I didn’t want you to miss out on the savings–especially on personal VIP sessions with me! So here’s where you need to go for all the info…

I’m offering up to 75% off (wow, I know–that’s a chunk of change) a few of my programs that can help you transform your practice into a superb business. There’s no limit on the number of programs available for purchase, but there is a limit on my time–individual 1:1 sessions with yours truly are also on sale.

There’s a small number of 1:1 sessions available with me for A LOT LESS $$ than usual. You’ll also find a group program and products on sale, too. So if you’ve thought about working with me personally to grow your business, but have been stopped before by price or procrastination, you can ditch those excuses now!

My products and services are known for Transformation Acceleration. And I can’t think of a better birthday gift than doing more of what I love doing — guiding you to more success this month!

Head over here for more details about the many business-boosting programs on sale, and to pick my brain while those 1:1 sessions are still available.

Then, kick back and enjoy the rest of your Sunday, knowing you just took a BIG STEP in growing your business!

Upwards and Onwards,

Maria Marsala's name

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What exceptional customer service looks like…

Special thanks to  Angle Tuccy of Experience Pros for posting this video on her Facebook site.!/ExperiencePros?group_id=0

When I lived in Brooklyn and then on Staten Island, I got to “know” many of my MailMan… and one MailWomen by first name.   I looked forward to seeing them on the weekends and holiday.  Their goodwill did go a long way.   Including putting mail in my mailbox that was addressed to another address on my street. 


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How Many Business Hats Are You Wearing?

dead_endDid you really go into business to manage the daily nitty-gritty details of your entire practice? Or is your real mission to help your clients create and safeguard their wealth — to assist them in reaching their life goals? In fulfilling your mission, are you creating your dream business — one that makes a big difference in your life and in the lives of those you love? Way too often, the “busy-ness” of business gets in the way of our best intentions. The secret is to catch ourselves when we begin to wear too many hats.

How?  Read the rest of Maria’s article, learn action steps you can take, and leave your comments on this article at RIA Biz Magazine
comments on this article at RIA Biz Magazine


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