Business Coaching for (Newer) RIAs & Financial Advisors

 Business Coaching for Financial Advisors
New RIAs and financial advisors. Grow your financial firm on a strong footing.

I love working with Top Advisors and my programs are geared towards their needs.  However, I’m always looking for affordable ways to help (newer) advisors to become Top Advisors.   For my purposes, you’re new” if you’ve been independent or working for a firm for less than 3 years and your revenues are under 250K.  OR you’ve been around the block a few times but your revenue is less than 250K a year.

In the past few months, I’ve had conversations with many newer advisors who come to the gate with big lofty goals and small pocket books (purses, or attaché cases).  Their goals have one thing in common — to be Top Advisors with a stellar team.

They’ve attended my Business Simplified, a la carte programs – or not.  However, they’ve been asking for something longer-term AND within their budget.  They want to achieve success faster in areas that are most meaningful to them and feel that more calls/contact would help them reach their goals.

“THRIVE” IS the name of a 1:1 program I’m offering to up to 4 newer advisors.  The program starts and is paid for before September 15, 2015.  THRIVE is a low cost, high impact, nuts-n-bolts program created to propel new advisors forward more quickly than you can do on your own.

How we’ll start:  We’ll assess where you’re at, create your vision for your firm’s growth, and then create a plan to help you grow more quickly.

Here’s what you get with THRIVE:

  • One 90-minute call in month one plus various assessments.
  • Welcome Kit with business-building goodies.
  • Two 30-minute or one 60-minute call per month for 6 months.
  • PLUS email support every Friday through our Success Tracker for accountability, as well as requests for resources and guidance.

Cost: $2,500   Available payment plan:  $500 PLUS purchase 3 books on the first month and then $250 for 6 months. Only available for 4 (newer) advisors and only available before September 1, 2015.

To sign up or learn more go here:   I’ll call you as soon I hear from you.

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