Black Friday 2015 – Coach Maria’s special

Sorry that you had trouble reading my newsletter on Black Friday.   My technical problem ends up being your gain.

I am conflicted about Black Friday. I also don’t go shopping on holidays, no matter what I forgot to buy because people should not be working on a holiday.

But I DO love the idea of giving back to help more people reach their personal and professional goals.

Consultative Coaching Discount – Sign UP Before Midnight 11/27/16!    12/9/2015

Who: Financial professionals, B2Bs and all other small business owners on my email list or who know my email list subscribers.

What: Half-price on an hour of coaching. I’m opening up a service, just for you. You won’t see this offer anywhere on my website because I stopped offering to coach by the hour five years ago. Pick my business brain for 60 minutes. I’ll tape the call so you’ll get the biggest bang for your investment, and won’t miss any tips or suggestions you get from me.

Where: On the phone or Skype only. Sorry, no in person sessions.

Your investment: $250 includes a tape of the call. $310 includes the tape with a written transcription to use as your notes. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Echeck and check accepted.

When: Very Important Qualifications: Good for 1 sixty minute session.  This is not a call where I’ll try to sell you something costing more.  Bring your questions and situations and pick my “love of all things business brain”.

We can work on anything.   Update your One Page Business Plan, brainstorm about any operations or marketing topic.  I can set up a WordPress blog on your website.  Help you with LinkedIn.  Give you the best resources for “whatever” you’re lookng to do.

The session must occur before December 29, 2015. Schedule Monday through Thursday or on a Saturday afternoon.  When you schedule a session we put that time aside for you. If you are a “no show”, I keep your investment, and you don’t get a makeup session.  So schedule wisely.

Register here:

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