Article Banks Are Internet Marketing Gold

At the start of internet marketing, this marketing strategy used to be called “article marketing.”   Today it’s called, “content marketing”.  Same thing, for the same reasons.

What are article banks?

Article banks are two-way websites where authors “deposit” articles to invest and where lenders “take” the article to use. The “interest” someone pay for using an article consists of a bio or resource box. Each article bank site includes guidelines for authors and potential publishers. Authors retain first rights – retain ownership – to articles placed on article banks. Some article bank sites publish e-zines that include recently submitted articles, ad swap requests and/or an “articles wanted” area, too. You’ll find many article bank Web sites listed below. If you know of an article bank I’ve missed please, that could be of interested to financial advisors, add them to the comments box.

My blog,  is an article bank because I give people the option to ask me for permission to use an article in their newsletter or on their blog.


For Authors
Are you a new writer? Gifted writer? A business owner who enjoys writing can find article marketing to be an excellent way to market services or products with little capital outlay. Any article posted to an article bank includes copyright year, the name of an author, short author bio (sometimes called a resource box), and a link to the author’s Web site at the end of each article. Some article bank sites or publishers may also request the authors’ picture and/or logo, too.

A few words of caution for authors.

  • Never give blanket permission to anyone to use your articles. Not an article bank, Web site or author. Instead, set boundaries and your articles will appear in places you’d enjoy visiting. When someone requests to use your article, check their Web site or request a copy of their e-zine. If you don’t like the Web site, the product or whatever – remember to say “no”!
  • If you don’t always catch your own writing mistakes consider hiring a Virtual Assistant,  Copywriter, person to assist you with proofreading, submitting articles, or keeping track of places, your article appears.
  • Place your articles on your Web site as a way for your potential clients or publishers to get to know you a better. If you provide your articles for free, make sure that your bio includes a link to your Web site or e-zine information. Also, include an easy way for anyone to request permission to use your article as text or to copy the code directly from your Web site (if you allow that).
  • If someone wants to use your article and they’ll receive compensation, you deserve compensation, too. Money, an ad’s in newsletters, paid membership, yearly subscription, a copy of an e-book for you to use and send your clients, these are all ways for you to be paid. If the way someone suggests you’ll be paid, doesn’t agree with you, well, here is another place you can say “no”.


For Publishers
Articles banks are an excellent resource for you if you don’t enjoy writing or are looking for some extra content for your e-zine, magazine, website, e-book, etc. With the permission of an article’s author and sometimes the article bank owners themselves, you will be provided with the free content. In return, the author will provide you with copyright information, a brief bio, and link to their Web site.

In the early 2000’s, there were nearly 200 article banks.   When you visit article banks, look for the other services that the site owner provides for you as a publisher and utilize the other helpful services, too. If you find yourself using an article bank over and over again, consider providing a link from your site to their site – maybe on a “recommended links” page. It’s an excellent way to thank the site owner for providing such a valuable resource.


Article Banks

Of the nearly 200 article banks I used in the early 2000’s, few continue to exist.  For transparency,  I am a member of the sites below and post my articles on their “banks”:

  •   Every conceivable topic.
  •  Insurance and advisor articles.   Do not expect that these articles are FINRA approved.  Many practice management articles.
  •  LinkedIn
  • Self-help and growth articles.
  • If you are using a newsletter creation service, that is specific to the financial industry, ask them if their articles are FINRA approved and use what’s been already written.
  • Many blogs, including this one, accept guest posts.  Check the navigation links on the top of the page for the guidelines.

What article banks do you know about?  Place your answers and suggestions in the comments box below.

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