Are You Willing To Give A Lifetime Of Experience Away?

13. Are You Willing To Give A Lifetime Of Experience Away?

Before considering a Mastermind group you must decide if you are ready. Are you ready to see your business substantially grow? Are you committed to sharing your best ideas? Are you looking for a group of peers in same industry members (or not)? How often and for how long does the group meet? Is the meeting time convenient? Is it a virtual or in person group? What is the cost? How many people are in the group and how often do you get a chance on the help seat.

When you join a MM group you will be part of a group who is purposely working together to improve their businesses, and provide support for each other. Expect that the higher your income, the more a group will cost — be it monthly fees or retreat attendance. Expect to give away your experience, strengths, and hopes to your group members, and get it back 8 times over.

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