Financial Advisors: How are you using Skype in your business?

skypeThe platform is there for you to use in your business. Its technology that works well 95% of the time.

The technology platform is there for you to use in your business. Its works well 95% of the time.

You can use it from the comfort of your home or office. It’s a great platform that allows you to connect with clients more often when they are not local to you. Many business owners use Skype with clients who are local because it gives your clients the option of sitting in their backyard (or not sitting in traffic) while working with you.

Skype gives financial advisors the opportunity to meet with clients more often or for short amounts of time because no one is driving anywhere. Skype has phone and visual features that help you work smarter on the road. I use Skype as my backup business phone system (for less than $50 a year!) Skype is especially important if you have a virtual office — as it helps you serve clients without spending the funds for a co-working situation.


Help me plan my next how to article or video presentation (Depending on the participation, I may do both).

1) If you’re using Skype now, in what instances (business or personal) are you using it?
2) If you’re not using it, what’s stopping you from using it?
3) What questions do you have about using it or setting it up?


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