Are You Paying for Virus Protection Twice?

If you are paying for Internet and you are paying separately for virus protection, you (or your clients) might be paying for virus protection twice.

My clients complete a personal as well as a business budget, which I scrutinize.   My goal, of course, is to find ways they can save money.   Often I find that they’re paying for virus protection and malware.   Cost of which is $30-$160 a year.

While these services are necessary, often paying for them means you’re paying for these services twice.

You see, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers)  include virus protection services with the package of services you already pay for.  For example, I know that Comcast, CenturyNet, and Optimum include either Norton or Mcafee downloads on their websites.

Why pay for it twice?  It’s part of your monthly fee already!


Log into your ISP account and look around for the virus protection.  Download it to your computer and set it up.  If you have a service on your computer already, it should ask you if it can remove it.  Say yes!

Cancel your paid subscription to virus protection.

You can also call your ISP to have them walk you through the system.  In fact, Comcast’s Norton will (with your permission)  take over your computer, download the files, and then get the program up and working on your computer.

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If after reading and taking action on this blog post, you find that you are paying twice… I’d love to know how much you’ll be saving annually.

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