Are You Leaking Profits?

If you have a business where you have determined the
price your product, service, or send out proposals, it’s more
than possible that you’re “leaking” profits.

I hear about it all the time. Proposals aren’t written
according to what “could” happen. It’s determined that the
costs associated with a product or service is higher than
what was originally thought. It could be as simple as it’s
taking more time to do a part of the project or the client
has asked you for more than they’re paying for. Or I’ve
had situations where the person didn’t get that I worked
“via phone” and insisted on meeting me in person, which
cost me 2 hours of my time in travel!

It you’re looking to stop the leaking from happening to
your profits while you keep your client resentment
thermometer in the “safe” zone, hit reply and ask me for my
newest business assessment called “Rate the Health of Your
Business: Are You Leaking Profits”. It measures 16 key
indicators of ways service-related businesses aren’t
earning what they deserve.

© 2007 Maria Marsala, a former Wall Street Fortune 500 executive, business strategist, author and speaker. As founder of Elevating Your Business, Maria helps overworked
and frustrated refugees from Corporate America in the financial sector focus on their success. She teaches owners how to earn more, market smarter, create profit producing
services/informational products, and live great lives. For FREE tips on how to create MORE BUSINESS, visit

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