Advisors: It’s time you move out of your home office. Now what?

You’ve made the decision to move out of your home office or out of the cafe into a main-street office.  You’ll be expanding in the next 5 years, intend to hire an associate (or two), a full time receptionist/office manager, etc.

This is a real life situation many advisors go through.  Hiring a Realtor is a great idea.  However, if you don’t have a well thought out ideal office list, your Realtor is going to drive you ragged — and it’s your own fault.   (Hint: if you already have an assistant, etc. ask them to brainstorm with you, and your coach, of course, too.)


What is on your ideal office list?

What precautions are important to consider as you make this move? (things that maybe weren’t as important to a home office but will be to a local office)

What valuable information do you have to share with your colleagues who are just now ready to make this move?

What question(s) haven’t I asked that you’d add here!


Please note:  I’m in the process of writing a collaborate article — an article that is written by many people — in this case, financial advisors, planners, and other who work with advisors.   The title will be something like 10 Important Lessons To Learn Before You Move Out of Your Home Office (or something better that my marketing manger comes up with).

If you prefer that your comment or advice is not republished, please state so.

If you’d like to participate, please list your full name, website and twitter URL at the end of your comment.   I’ll email you the draft to approve before the article is published.

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