Join the Financial Advisors Mastermind Edge (On LinkedIn)

This is a place – a GROUP on LinkedIn(R) where financial advisors/advisers/professionals can collaborate and discuss issues pertinent to growing personally and professionally.

What would you like to discuss? What information would you like to learn? What trends in marketing, networking, etc. are you seeing?

If you find or have written an article you’d like to post to the group, please do so. PLUS, add to it a question you’d like the group to answer about that article or a question you’d like us to discuss on that topic.

If you aren’t going to contribute to the gruop — your time, resources, tips, questions, etc. don’t join.

Your LI profile must state that you are a financial services professional. An advisor, professional, CFA, accountant, wealth planner, insurance agents, etc.

Post your seminar or one you feel would be of interest to the group once in the discussion area. If you want to remind people about it, find your original post and place a comment in it. If you post the message a 2nd time, we’ll remove it. Allowing promotions is a gift in such groups. Make sure that you are a contributor before you post any sort of promotion.


Then introduce yourself.



Idea Mastermind Process

There is a graphic that has helped me in a variety of sistuation. It may help you, too. I take paper, and draw a big light bulb. It’s on the page with “rays” in th form of lines coming out of it.

I write the subject in the middle of the light bulb, and use the rays to write topics and thoughts. I add rays where I need them and event sub-sets of rays.

Then take the ideas and organize them.

You can do the same with each new subject you’re learning and/or writing about.

Find Support and Strength with a Mastermind Buddy

“A Master Mind may be created through the bringing together or blending, in a spirit of perfect harmony, of two or more minds. Out of this harmonious blending the chemistry of the mind creates a third mind which may be appropriated and used by one or all of the individual minds The Master Mind will remain available as long as the friendly harmonious alliance between the individual minds exists. It will disintegrate and all evidence of its former existence will disappear the moment the friendly alliance is broken.”
— Napoleon Hill, Law of Success

So what the heck is a Mastermind Buddy?

Small Business Coach Strategist Maria MarsalaA Mastermind Buddy (MB), also called an Accountability Buddy, Mastermind Partner, etc is your on-going support between group meetings, a partner in support, available to provide assistance and advice.


A Mastermind Buddy is:

      o  an excellent listener.
      o  your cheerleader.
      o  your accountability partner.
      o  ready to keep confidences.
      o  willing to push you.
      o  able to help look at places you’re stuck.
      o  able to discuss assignments or brainstorm.
      o  open to new ideas.
      o  honest with themselves and their Buddy.
      o  able to inspire you to stay focused.
      o  ready to change and grow.
      o  open to give willingly and freely.
      o  never a hog of the conversation.
      o  able to leave judgment at the door.


Agree to meet regularly to nurture each other’s business intentions and goals for “x” amount of time. Spend half of the time working on Buddy number 1’s situation, and half on Buddy number 2’s situation.


Buddies can meet via phone, in person, conference phone, Skype, Dim Dim, email, etc.


Choose a day/time which both buddies agree to. In addition to talking on the phone, you can also arrange to email each other. Meet as often as daily, or infrequently, such the weeks which we don’t have a session. It’s up to you and your Buddy to decide what works best.

Sample Agenda: First Meeting

      o  Introductions.
      o  Discuss what each person wants out of the process.
      o  Each Buddy should give and be given permission to be direct and 100% honest.
      o  Be clear and supportive with all comments.

Sample Agenda: Typical Meetings

      o  Each Buddy shares WINS for up to “x” minutes.
      o  Each Buddy shares how they’d implemented a strategy gleaned from the last meeting to solve an issue for “x” minutes.
      o  Buddy 1:Shares one of the following: their biggest struggle, challenge faced in business at this time, homework assignment they’re stuck on, information a Buddy could use, feedback on a project, etc.
      o  Buddy 1:Explains the history of the problem, challenge, or area they are stuck in. Discusses:
a) How they would like things to be instead?
b) How would it look if it were different?
C) What’s been done so far to improvie the situation?
      o  Buddy 2: Asks clarifying questions for 1 minute; Buddy 1 answers.
      o  Buddy 1: “Zips their lips” and takes notes with no verbal or mental judgments.
      o  Buddy 2: Gives the gift of their suggestions, advice, resource(s), or what they have done when encountering similar situation, etc.
      o  Buddy 1: Thanks Buddy 2.
      o  Buddy 1: Chooses an idea from their notes which they’re willing to do before the next meeting.
      o  Repeat the process for Buddy 2 (next meeting Buddy 2 goes first).

Just remember: It’s about giving to get. It’s not about tit-for-tat.

© 2010 Elevating Your Business. Maria Marsala is strategic business coach, speaker, and author of eight workbooks geared toward helping financial professionals improve their bottom line. A former Wall Street trader, Maria helps CEOs, presidents, and executives build bigger businesses without sacrificing their personal lives. If your’e ready to grow your business empire faster than you can do on your own, visit Sign up for Focus! Ezine, a newsletter jam-packed with Maria’s singular brand of tips, tricks, and priceless strategic business advice. Visit

9 Business Building Reasons To Join a Mastermind

No one, no way, no how can be completely objective about their own business. Period.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at it. You can’t objectively look at your business, and neither can I look at my own business objectively.

Our families and other loved ones, look at our businesses and give us either no support because they’re too afraid for us. OR
they give us biased support based on their own biases or not wanting to hurt our feelings by telling us the trutht.

That doesn’t mean that we need to just go out there and ask people for ideas and help; I’ve tried that myself, and with the exception of those I’ve hired, I haven’t been given much good advice. In fact, I’ve had to stop talking some of the original people I put into my “loosly-knit” board of advisors, because they were giving me advice based on themselves and not on my goals or dreams!

In 2001 I created my first mastermind group by gathering a group of collegues from a few coaching email lists. With the exception of one person, I knew no one.

We started off at 15 people and then within a month or so, ended up with 5 and I went out looking for more, since I wasn’t sure if the 5 would even stay!

I started the group thinking that we didn’t need a “leader” and that people would volunteer and just be greatful for the help and show up.

Boy was I wrong!

It had a process in mind, had it written and then the group tweaked it. But keeping track of whose turn it was to be the leader, or on the help seat became a chore.

While I enjoyed the group and learned from them, I felt exhasted, and realized that I was giving away too much to my competitors.
I decided to leave the group, but they were around for at least 6 years as a much smaller group.

The moral of the story is that I learned a lot about how to run a Mastermind, I have a system I’ve used ever since then. It’s worked, we’ve tweeked it some more and now it’s time to teach others the benefits of masterminds, too.

The Benefits

  1. helps keep things in perspective.
  2. get encouragement, support, and the truth no matter what,  from people who “get” you.
  3. realize your goal$ quicker.
  4. focus, focus, focus on your goals.
  5. receive immediate feedback and support you can use right away.
  6. throw the “lone ranger syndrome” out the window and feel part of a larger group again.
  7. be part of a dynamic team of your peers and use then as your private board of advisors.
  8. attend a consistant meeting to attend of your peers.
  9. accomplish your goals with the help of your peers.

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