Financial Advisor Tactical Tips: It’s Not All About You

1.  It’s Not All About You

It’s important to develop relationships with clients and NOT have a conversation strictly about their portfolio every time.  I learned this lesson in 2002 from a local Sam’s Club manager.  I met with him about conducting a workshop for his clients entitled,“Prosperity Is No Accident: It Takes a One Page Plan®”.  During our meeting, his excitement for the idea surprised me.  As he put it, “it’s a way of getting customers into the store for something other than selling them something.”

The manager saw my workshop as something of value that he could offer his best clients, which could help him cultivate genuine relationships with them.   And it put me in front of a large number of my ideal clients (at the time).   When you have a niche and ideal client profile, it’s so much easier to find firms who have your exact ideal client base, too.   Once you do there should be room to partner with them and give both your companies an “added-value”.

Action:  On a piece of paper, brainstorm with your team about 1) who you can partner with that shares your niche and ideal client profile.  2) all the ways you can
present valuable information to their clients.  
Don’t have niche or ideal client profile yet?   Watch a workshop on BrightTALK about niching and creating an ideal client profile at



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Maria Marsala is a Business Coach to Financial Advisors and former Wall Street Trader. She helps independent and fee-based financial advisors reach their 5-year business and personal goals in 24 months. Maria’s been recognized as a thought leader and has been published in Financial Planning Magazine, RIA Biz, Advisor Max, Dow Jones, The Street, Entrepreneur Magazine, and numerous other books, trade journals, and magazines. If you liked this article, take the first step towards coaching. Complete our pre-coaching business profile and receive a complimentary qualification consultation.

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