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My colleague, Michael Hartzell, a marketer extraordinaire, at, and I were talking about a few business topics. Michael likes to stump me and throw website URLS at me to see if I know about the site already. Most often I do.

But this time he gave me, not only 1 site that I didn’t know (and should use) but two.
Michael knows me long enough to know that the “how to proofread” classes I took (3 or 4 in my lifetime so far) didn’t work. He knows that this area of life and business is a weakness of mine. (If you’ve been on my newsletter long enough, you know this, too.) I often hire proofreaders, editors, and marketers to help me. But sometimes I don’t care enough to pay for the help, or I want to get an article to my clients (or subscribers) fast, proofread it the best I can, and rightfully or wrongly, send it out as is.

Being a thought leading, idea, tips, problem-solving, planning, teaching, action taking efficiency person, I’m already “in” the next best idea (my strengths) once my thought or solution is written down.

So today I’ll share with you a simple and efficient app I purchased on Michael’s suggestion.

It’s called Grammarly, and it takes the spell-check program I use up a few levels. Grammarly offers a free, low-key option. However, knowing myself, I purchased the paid, yearly option because it comes with a Microsoft plugin, something I use in both Outlook and Word.
I used it to check the original edition of my newsletter, the one I write in MS Word, and it found 54 things for me to take a look at. I’ve read that the program is not perfect. But in my opinion, it’s a step up from just using MS by itself. It plugs itself into Outlook and Words, it has a Chrome plugin, too.
Now if t could only read my mind, and insert the words I meant to put into my articles, words I actually read but are not there, that would be even better!

The program does not work well with Outlook 2013. While there is a plugin download, the Word part of it works 100%. But the Outlook part removes features of Outlook mail that I feel is important. So I had to remove it. I hope they fix that 🙂

Use my affiliate link to learn more or to sign up for the free version at (my affiliate code)



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