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2016 Free Virtual Count on Success Summit for Registered Investment Advisors, Financial Advisors, and Planners  January 11-27

Financial industry experts will deliver 10 different sessions – with topics ranging from cybersecurity, automation and systematization of operations, marketing, social networking, human capital, and succession – at this year’s free Count on Success Summit.  The virtual summit features thought leaders from various practice management fields.  It will be held online from January 11-26, 2016.

“Because the event is held online, it’s a rare and affordable opportunity for advisors to learn how to grow or make improvements to their firms,” says Maria Marsala, Operations & Marketing Manager to Financial Advisors and the event’s organizer.  “Advisors can invite their teams to listen to the most relevant presentations and then take new and revitalized action in 2016.”

This year’s forward-thinking practice management speakers developed their topics expressly for registered investment advisors, financial planners, and wealth managers.  PFPs, insurance, and risk management professionals, as well as CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers and their teams, will also benefit from attending.

Virtual attendees will have 24 hours to listen to each speaker’s presentation and begin preparing new strategies to improve their firm and serve their clients’ needs in 2016.  Plus each speaker is providing a template or checklist to help the attendees take action on their topic.

“According to Google research, every 7 seconds, someone is online searching for information on a financial or insurance product.  But most advisors today don’t have the tools to reach them. This event will show advisors, among many other topics, how to position themselves as the obvious choice in a crowded market,” said Jeremiah Desmarais, TED speaker, and keynote for the event.

The Count on Success Summit provides a unique opportunity for RIAs and financial advisors to learn from respected practice management leaders without traveling. This is an excellent opportunity for advisors to sharpen their business, communications, marketing, and social networking skills from the comfort of their own offices.”

Session highlights from the 2016 Virtual Count on Success Summit will include

  • How to Turn LinkedIn into an Autopilot Lead Generation Machine
  • How to Confidently Turn Your Practice into a Business
  • How to Survive the Robo-Advisor Threat
  • How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Financial Platform Technology for Your Practice
  • How to Overcome the Buyer’s Bias Phenomenon
  • How to Gain More Street Cred by Engaging With Reporters
  • How to Avoid Regulatory Compliance Issues & Develop a Successful Succession Plan
  • How to Make Getting Great Referrals Easy
  • How to Use Strategic Business Alliances as a Marketing Strategy
  • And more…

For more information visit

Maria Marsala
(360) 271-8418

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