6 Real Life Delegation Success Stories

#6. 4 Steps to Delegate Effectively

What do you successfully delegate?
Book keeping, marketing, proofreading. I have also, in the past hired a web designer, graphic designer and a personal assistant.

What suggestions, tips or advice you have for other small business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to start delegating effectively themselves?
You have to let go to grow whether that’s grow personally or professionally. My clients, who don’t delegate, take a big first risk by hiring me. However, it’s common that in a few months, my fee is being paid by the additional income they’re making. Business development type consultants — coaches, branding specialists, marketing professionals, and web designers are like that!

My clients don’t have employees or contractors yet (I only work with aspiring millionaires or millionaires) hire a bookkeeper or personal assistant first. Most of my clients earn more than $150 per hour (if they were charging by the hour). Once they realize that they can work and make that while they pay someone $20-$50 per hour, they’re more willing to give it a shot. Here is the order I recommend:

1) bookkeeper, babysitter (to work while they’re working) and/or personal assistant (housework or business work.)

2) Things they’re doing, that they hate doing, that they can pay someone who loves doing those things and the payment is less than 1/2 their hourly rate.

3) Things they’re doing that they don’t enjoy doing that they can pay someone who loves doing those things and the payment is less than 1/2 their hourly rate.

4) Pay someone to brand; market, design your website.

Those items are placed in their one-page business strategies under “strategies”. Strategies help business owners, financial advisors, and the like reach their long-term goals.

About Maria
Maria Marsala helps financial, investment, and financial advisors maximize their profits and productivity. A former Wall Street Trader, she climbed the corporate ladder when women were as rare as pink diamonds. Today, with her one-page plan in 1 weekend program, she helps others climb the ladder of professional and personal success. Learn more at http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com

My story and the other 5 appeared on a blog created by Allyson Piper, Marketing Advisor, at Marketing In Bloom.

Read the rest of the story at http://marketinginbloom.com/site/2011/06/10/6-real-life-delegation-success-stories/

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