Let Freedom Ring!


For me it looks like being able to travel across the country and taking off on Fridays when I want to.

For my sister Martie, it’s living in NY and CA.

For YOU…?

Freedom is the #1 reason most advisor-owners go independent.

LibertyBellSmCIMG0212Having the freedom to work with clients “the right way” is so important. If you’re about treating clients right, but YOU’RE not able to go where you want, and do what you want when you want, chances are that your business isn’t supporting you.

You can change that.

If you don’t have the freedom you crave to do what you want–when you want–it’s because you don’t have a team, don’t have a big enough team, or your team isn’t working cohesively.

The best way to ensure you don’t achieve freedom is to NOT have structures in place that help your firm to grow almost “without you”. That’s the big paradox of your freedom.  We think that freedom means NO discipline and NO structure. But without the FOCUS that structure, discipline, and organization bring, freedom simply cannot grow.

And in business, it’s the best practices that bring you a strong foundation of structure, discipline and organization.

If you’ve spoken to me via phone or Skype, you know how important I feel about rebuilding your firm from the ground floor up.

That’s why today, on this special day of FREEDOM in the USA I’m going to give you a very special document…just hit reply and ask for it.

About This Time-Saving Document

freedomtowerTo tell you the truth, I was seriously thinking of giving my bookkeeper 30 days’ notice right after she visited this week. I had started to update my Bookkeeper Job Description Form. But she didn’t show up and when I called her out on it, she quit without giving notice. I know how much time I save when I don’t have to start a project with a blank page.

So if you’d like my example of a Bookkeeper Job Description, hit reply and ask for it in the body of the email. Feel free to make it your own. Remove what you don’t like, add what you need to add, change what doesn’t work for you. But know that no business owner should be doing their own bookkeeping – not even an Accountant or a CPA!

We’ll send you a copy of the Bookkeeper Job Description within 7 days.

P.S. Now is the time to get your business giving you the freedom you desire. Click here to learn how to get started

P.S.S. If you live along I-90 or I-70 and would like to meet for coffee at an exit off the highway, let me know. I’ll be driving across the country this summer.


Photos by Maria Marsala