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Peak Perfomance Study Group

Are you wearing too many of the hats in your financial business because you’re trying to do it all alone? Or maybe you don’t have enough clients but sure do want them — yesterday!

Today, make a decision to do business better. Lay the ground work with core systems to build a solid business that will be there for the long haul. Provide yourself (and then your team) with clarity on your business, its purpose, goals, ideas, and ideal clients. Make working together much easier, with clearly-defined roles and requirements. Using our proprietary processes and tools along with a program powered by the One Page Business PlanĀ®, Maria will help you structure your business to operate with more P.E.P. – more productively, efficiently, and profitably.

What You Will Learn

  • You’ll leave this program with peace of mind, knowing that your best ideas are written down.
  • You’ll have more time to meet with new prospects while better servicing existing clients.
  • Your marketing — online and off line — will be consistent and reach more of your ideal clients.
  • You’ll be sure about HOW to grow your bottom line in the next 12 months.
  • You’ll have happier clients who are easier to work with and who refer you with ease.
  • Your team will have a written roadmap to help them do their jobs better and help you manage the company (so you can take some much-needed time off).

This program is full when it reaches ten participants. Maria wants to ensure that you get the help you need and realize the measurable result$ you expect. We are only looking to work with business owners who want tangible results (the sooner the better) and who are ready to operate at a higher level. If that is you, apply now:


Dates: Tuesday Aug. 13, 20 / Sept. 3, 17 / Oct. 1, 15 / Nov. 5, 19 / Dec. 3, 17 / Jan. 7, 21

Time: 11am PST / 12am MTN / 1pm CST / 2 pm EST

Duration: 90 minutes

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About the Business Advisor, Maria Marsala

Maria Marsala is an internationally-recognized speaker, award-winning coach, and subject expert on planning today and profiting tomorrow. She climbed the corporate ladder on Wall Street at a time when female executives were as rare as pink diamonds. While at Bear Stearns, she saved her department hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly when she created new processes and authored an operational manual for sales assistants and reps. Much of what she designed was then duplicated in other departments or used firm-wide.

Maria founded Elevating Your Business fourteen years ago. She works with independent and fee-based financial advisors, planners, and RIAs to multiply their bottom line and reduce the number of hours they work each week. She works with FAs to grow their business strategically, tactically, and operationally. In 2011, Maria was voted one of the top 30 Coaches Internationally. As a trained Life Coach, she works with her clients holistically.