Excuses are soul-killers

“Excuses are soul-killers”

— Maria Marsala.


Do you know a business owner or executive who is ready to
ditch their excuses and follow a simple process (like
one-page simple) that helps improves focus, accountability,
and profits? Maybe a fellow colleague has recently told

• I’m not growing my business as fast as I’d like, profits
have flat-lined, or are on the decline.

• I want more clients and to have a long-lasting, positive
impact on their lives or businesses.

• I’m tired of spending so much time putting out fires all
the time (or chasing clients).

• I know I should create a plan, but I don’t have the time
or energy.

Maybe you’ve said it?

“It helps to have a plan. I’ve accomplished more in four months than
I did the entire previous year. I feel so much more focused and my
income has doubled.”

–Joan Runnheim, Career Strategist Pathways Career, Hudson, WI

SIMPLE is in!

It’s a business plan . . . it’s a marketing plan . . . no,
it’s both, PLUS it’s a performance management system with
scorecards to help keep you focused and accountable. It’s
on one page. You post it online for your whole team OR
create a MS Word document. It can be done in groups (in
person or via webinar format) OR it can be done privately.

What’s so special about the process? It’s more than doable.

You can create a draft in a few hours and then, we’ll help
you take it to new heights, finalize it, and show you how to
integrate it with scorecards to help keep you focused and
accountable. It’s all about setting priorities
and creating a roadmap to success.


Learn how 250,000 entrepreneurs—from the smallest home
business to Fortune 100 companies such as Thomson, State
Farm, and Disney—have rapidly turbo-charged their
businesses: http://www.BusinessAndMarketingPlan.com

“…I’m a numbers person; I’ve always had trouble with the
“writing part” of planning and setting aside enough time to
write a business plan. Since attending your business and
marketing program, I have a better feel for what I need to
do to grow. My web traffic has increased by 20%. I have
gained 12 well-qualified referrals. Niching attracts more
ideal prospects to my business and my customer base
increased 10% after years of only 2% growth.”
—   Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS Barnard & Associates,
Pension Consultant, Plans for Physicians


Choose the way you’d like to get started . . .

1. “Do It For You” 1:1 Private Boot Camp

We talk using Skype or my webinar system. I ask you lots of
clarifying questions. As you’re providing me with answers,
I’ll create the plan for you. You can’t get much easier than
that and have a viable plan you’ll use every day. (I did
say there were NO excuses, didn’t I?)


2. Do It In A Day Group

With a maximum of 10 other participants, you’ll create a
solid draft of your plan in one day via webinar on in person
in Poulsbo, WA. OR have me come to your office to “do it in
a day” with your staff. More information:

Already have a plan you use every day to set priorities and
make decisions? Forward this email along to someone who
doesn’t before July 20, so they qualify for the special
bonus I mention below. OR take this program again and get
65% off the going rate!


3. Do It & More Peak Performance Advisory Group

Join up to a maximum of 10 of your peers in a study group
that meets 2 or 3 times a month. This is an advisory board
of business leaders who help each other achieve greater
results. Expect to be held accountable and to answer tough
questions along the way, which is the beauty of this
approach. For more information, visit


4. Attend a Mini-Program

Plan to attend a 35 minute Business Vision Statement program
and get yours done! Register now


5. Demo The Live System

I’ll walk you through the system online. You’ll need access to a computer for 20 minutes. Schedule your demo session
here www.BusinessandMarketingPlan.com/demo/


6. Enjoy The Video

Listen to a 48-minute program I conducted for financial
professionals that’s pertinent to most business owners – to
owners who want to achieve quantum leaps of growth in the
business during the next 12 months.

I hope you’ll join me in at a planning event. Past clients
have created amazing results for themselves after using the
plan. Take a look at their success at


Trade in your excuses for a bigger, better business!

Business success in any economy starts with a plan. Call me
today to get a jump start on 2014. Create your plan today!


Upwards and onwards,

Maria Marsala

Profitability Specialist, Speaker, Author, and former Wall Street Trader

Contact us http://www.CoachMaria.com/ticket/ 


P.S. BONUS: Mention this Excuses are Soul-Killers email and
the first person in your company to attend our 1:1 Boot Camp
program gets $300 off. Or attend one of group programs and
get an additional 1:1 hour consulting session. Offer good
until January 20, 2013.

Growth After Planning

Growth After Planning

Because I’m a numbers person, I’ve always had trouble with the “writing part” of planning and setting aside enough time to write a business plan. I knew I needed to have a plan on paper, not just in my mind.

Monica BarnardWhen Maria offered a ONE page business and marketing planning process that could be done in ONE day, I knew that could do THAT much! While preparing for the workshop, I realized that I was in a stagnant place and needed to do new things, including niching, to bring in new business.

I have a better feel for . . . important things I had never really thought about.
Maria made the one-day process so easy and straightforward.I had NEVER marketed before, but Maria and my business plan gave me STRUCTURED GUIDANCE. Maria showed me how to create a one-year vision, a five- to ten-year vision, then an exit vision for eventually leaving my company. I have a better feel for what I need to do to grow, to decide when I want to retire, and evaluate whether I’m building my business so I can sell it or turn it over to somebody else to run–important things I had never really thought about.

My customer base increased 10% after years of only 2% growth.
I updated my website to target my ideal clients and created a newsletter, which my clients and prospects appreciate! My web traffic has increased by 20%. I speak more often (CE credit classes) and have gained 12 well-qualified referrals. Niching attracts more ideal prospects to my business and my customer base increased 10% after years of only 2% growth. In July, I am attending a trade show that caters to my ideal clients–I’m looking forward to seeing those results!

I am on track to regain the clients I lost due to the economy…
I use my plan to view the progress I’m making towards my goals…and if I’m not reaching them, I re-focus to get myself in the right direction. In the beginning of the year, I reviewed my plan and ideal client profile again and made changes. The template process Maria provided is good for that because it is flexible and easy to change. As a result, I am on track to regain the clients I lost due to the economy and to reach my goal of doubling my client base within the next 5 years.

A lot of financial people are probably more focused on production than building a business. They may not be marketing consistently or monitoring their efforts. Having a business and marketing plan like this would help them focus for a longer term, as it has helped me.”

  • Liked the best about the plan: short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Main 3 benefits: putting your plan on paper, how simple it is, didn’t have to write more than one page.
  • Would you recommend the plan, and why? Yes, because it was so easy to do.
Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS

Barnard & Associates, Pension Consultant and EA Specializing in Pension & Profit Sharing Plans for USA Based Physicians

Recommended: FirmSite’s Free WordPress Blog Theme

Once you add a WordPress blog to your website, you’ll have the “guts” of the program.  But its appearance may not match your brand.   Next, you can change the photo and colors of the theme WordPress provides, or you can change the theme altogether, as most business owners do.


Inside the WordPress control panel or dashboard, you’ll find a large number of free theme templates or you can search online to locate free themes to download.   PLUS, you can purchase templates from reliable sources such as http://www.elevatingyourbusiness.com/a/catalog/Marias_Website_Blog_Resources.html Elegant, Thesis, or other companies Your web designer can do all this work and create a “branded” theme for you, too.


As I update my own website branding, I recently tested many paid versions of themes, but didn’t exactly find what I was looking for.  I honestly didn’t even look at the free WordPress themes, as I’ve done that in the past, because they were so outdated.  But I decided to give free themes another “look-see”.


That’s where I came across two themes that I really liked, FirmaSite and Customizr.  I chose FirmaSite.  I am more than happy with the results. You can see what I created right here at the blog you’re reading.


There were a few tweaks that I wanted to make, so I wrote to the software developer, Ünsal Korkmaz, who was very generous with his help.  He offers a free forum to ask questions.  One or two of the things I asked for have actually been incorporated into the upgrades of the theme.


I was so impressed with the theme, and the support, that I decided to write this recommendation.  You can learn more about the theme at http://theme.firmasite.com/ where you can click on the link on the right hand side of the screen and view the different “skins” (looks) you’d like on your blog.


To insert it into your WordPress blog, go into your administrative control panel, click on appearance, click on themes, click on install, find the theme in your list of themes, install, and then activate it.   Then you or your web designer can customize it to mirror the look of your website.


What I like about the theme:

  • The support is beyond great.
  • It is modern and looks very professional.
  • It includes sliders if I choose to use them.
  • It was easy to insert my header graphic into the program.
  • It comes with 13 different “looks” (called skins) that can be customized to match your brand.
  • You can easily add information on the right side using widgets.
  • You can include 3 columns within the look of the page (see the bottom of this page).
  • In addition to the blog pages showing full articles or snippets of articles, you can tile the articles to show 10 or so articles on a page.


If you’re looking for a new blog theme, I recommend you try http://theme.firmasite.com/ first.