Top 5 US Financial Advisor Webinars for 2013

I just received the list of the Top 5 US Financial Advisor Webinars from BrightTALK.  One of my webinars is #2 for the year!

If you know that your time is “NOW” and you’re ready to improve your business, learn from the free educational content that’s in the line up!

View the top 5 webinars at:


1. Marketing to Keep Your Prospects & Clients Warm
Kristin C. Harad, CFP(R), President, Next10Clients

2. Marketing Smarter: 6 Steps to a More Profitable Client Base
>>>>> Maria Marsala, Strategic Business EduCoach(TM), Elevating Your Business <<<<< Yours Truly
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3. An Amazing Client Review Service
Brett Davidson

4. Striking It Niche! Earn More by Marketing to Less
Stephen Wershing, CFP, President, The Client Driven Practice

5. Increasing Retention and Referrals through Quality On-Going Client Care
Elizabeth Jetton, CFP(R), Financial Advisor Consultant and Co-Founder of Directions for Women


View the top 5 webinars at:

To your success,

Coach Maria

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