Financial Advisors: Do you have a niched website I can use as an example?

IdealClientRecently, I wrote an article, actually a list, about FA (financial advisor) niches.  Amazingly…a) I didn’t intend to write an article   b) as many have told me, the article can be used by those who are not in the financial industry, too.  (very true)

But when I went to the web to look for such a list — there was none!  Amazing.  Why?  Because, years ago, when I tried to learn the “history” of creating niches and ideal clients, the closest I came to finding the origin was mention on a website that  the concept may have been started in the financial sector.

Strange you might think, but maybe you remember the time (or maybe you don’t!! ) when you banked at a commercial bank if you were a business, and a personal bank if well, you weren’t a business!   You didn’t go to the personal bank if you wanted a business loan and you didn’t go to the commercial bank if you wanted a mortgage on a house.  OR maybe you remember a time when brokerage firms were either institutional or retail?  (I worked as a clerk and then a retail trader at institutional houses that were starting or had newer and very small retail departments and sales force.)

Anyway,  I wanted to use a list of FA niches as notes for a program I’m teaching on January 9.

I’ve determined that it would be helpful if the articles included good examples of niched FA and financial professional type websites.  I’ve been looking for some and haven’t found many!

What I’m looking for are niched websites — i.e. if you work with executives, all your marketing on the site is geared to them.  If you work with defense industry, your website shows it …. loud and clear.  By loud and clear I mean the look, all the words on the site, are something that is very attractive to your niche.

If you have such a website, I’d like to take a look at it and I may include it in my article.   Include the link in the comments section of my blog post or post it here on my blog on in the pace you found this post — most likely LinkedIn and I’ll review the websites next week.

Note: I will not guarantee that every website that is submitted will be included.

Thanks in advance.


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