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I enjoyed viewing this short video by Focus Partners, another coaching company.

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Merry Christmas from Maria Marsala and the Elevating Your  Team!

How Many Business Hats Are You Wearing?

dead_endDid you really go into business to manage the daily nitty-gritty details of your entire practice? Or is your real mission to help your clients create and safeguard their wealth — to assist them in reaching their life goals? In fulfilling your mission, are you creating your dream business — one that makes a big difference in your life and in the lives of those you love? Way too often, the “busy-ness” of business gets in the way of our best intentions. The secret is to catch ourselves when we begin to wear too many hats.

How?  Read the rest of Maria’s article, learn action steps you can take, and leave your comments on this article at RIA Biz Magazine
comments on this article at RIA Biz Magazine


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