7 All-Important Attitudes for Succe$$

It’s Time to Accelerate Your Progress

Many financial professionals and business owners hire coaches to improve their game. How do you know if you’re up to the challenge? How do you get the most out of your investment? Take on these 7 attitudes and you’ll thrive under your coach’s instruction.

You are willing to take ownership.

Success takes determination. To grow personally or professionally, you MUST have a deep desire to grow. Coaching is not about the coach doing the work for you. Sure, some coaches provide templates, assessments, and even audios for you to use. However, you are responsible for your own growth.

You are willing to be uncomfortable.

Success takes effort. You must be willing to do things differently and experience some discomfort. Why? Comfortable actions give you the same-old results. In order to grow, you must be willing to feel uncomfortable. Try something on for 7 days that you can’t see yourself doing for years.

You are willing to make the investment.

Success takes an investment. Coaching is not an expense, although in many cases it’s a deduction on your taxes. Coaching is an investment in your personal growth and the growth of your company.

You’re willing to put in the time.

Success takes time. First, you’ll have assessments to complete. Then you’ll have coaching calls, emails, urgent calls, and the rest. Expect to work 5-7 hours per week on “happy homework” after each coaching call.

You realize there are no quick fixes.

Success takes new habits. If it took you “x” years to get to where you are now, and you want to be more successful, it’s going to take time to change the way you live and work. Beware of programs that offer quick fixes-just like New Year’s Resolutions, they won’t “stick”.

You’re willing to reward yourself.

Success is about the journey. It’s about your long-term happiness. You owe it to yourself to celebrate changes made, goals accomplished, and new positive habits during your journey.

You’re willing to get ongoing help.

Success takes maintenance. Once you reach your desired success level, you may consider quitting your coaching “cold turkey”. Don’t– you may quickly back-slide. Schedule monthly or quarterly maintenance sessions to update the work you’ve done or talk about new work.

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