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We’re a GROUP of senior women CEOs, business owners, practitioners, entrepreneurs, micro-business owners, and executive advisors (advisers), focused on opportunities of significant business growth and result$. Increase and improved: sales, cash flow, productivity, action, execution, alliances, etc.

Our members have been in their professions at least 3 years, achieved a high level of success and want more in business and life. They run a service related business and advise their clients.

We’re building a North American community of smart accomplished women who love the independence that running a business provides their lives. And we’re making the shift or have made the shift from “employee” to “business owner” within our own firms.

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Who is list is not for: new business owners, MLMs, Solo-Preneurs who are happy being that way, students, women who own product based businesses, and for the time being no additional business coaches.

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36 Ways to Create a High Impact Elevator Pitch

19. Find Ways To Quickly Build A Relationship

It’s not about you. It’s about saying something that will turn off a prospect from hell and turn up the ears of your ideal clients. At events, you want to spend time with people who can become prospects or who know them in bunches. The fact that you do what you do, your title, is not important. But what is important is who you do it for and the major benefits they will receive from working with you. I challenge you to create an elevator speech without your title.

The basic concept can be expanded, but make a difference to your business by starting with “My name is ___ and I help (your ideal clients) and help them (reach this major goal)”.

Thanks to Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business

Just in time to get your “new” New Year’s “business snapshot” or elevetor speech right. Dr. Shannon Reece recently asked business owners “What is your single best tip for creating a High Impact elevator pitch?” 36 of us answered. Read all the tips here: