When is a $1 = to $1.18?

Today I purchased 2 bags of candy and clearly written on the package was 2/$100 and under that .59c each. For years I have purchased the same 2 varieties and the price has been
the same while the quanity in the packages has gone down over the years ( to
keep the price the same I presume). But today the candy cost me 2 for $1.18. I
originally thought that I was charged tax, but that number wouldn’t be right
for tax. When I asked why the clerk why they were $1.18 when the packages said
2/#1 he said that I had to purchase two of the same packages of candy to get
the discount. WHA?? There is no sign to say that, nothing other than the price
on the 20 varieties you can choose from.

Store Name: D & J Market and Deli, 1010 Forest Rock Lane, Poulsbo, WA 98370


The manager won’t be available till tomorrow after 11am (I’ve been told.) I
feel this is a rip off. If the candy really is $1.18, then there should be a
sign showing that you can’t purchase different candies and expect to pay $1.
Anyaway, they’ve lost me as a customer. I’ll buy my gas, lotto tickets … and
occasional candy at a store where 2/$1 is really 2/$1.