Get Some Frik’n Help!

How many hats can one person wear before they end up burnt out?

Once you’ve hired a bookkeeper (yes, even if you’re an accountant) to do your work, the person you need the most is someone VERY local. A Personal Assistant helps you in the garden, iron your cloths, clean the house, take the kids to “x”, and work in your office, too. They work part-time, maybe while their children are in school, after school, or on days they’re not in college. Hire someone who is willing to expand their hours and work on special projects and you’ll grow your business.

(c) 2011, Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business

Free is Easier Than You Think

Being quoted or featured in “brand name” magazines, newspapers, blogs and radio shows builds credibility. Target media outlets for stories that best represent your brand vs. blindly answering every possible request. Start with these free resources from my link:
■ Reporter Connection is targeted to business owners
■ HARO (Help A Reporter Out) was the first and contains a wide variety of media opportunities
■ Pitch Rate also offers PR audios
■ Guest Radio for Internet and radio interviews

(c) 2011 Maria Marsala

What are some low cost, helpful ways that you’re bringing business to your company?