Thanksgiving… (what I didn’t know)

Somehow yesterday I found myself reading about Thanksgiving. Living in WA State and visiting Canada as often as I have, I did know that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October.

But I didn’t know that in 1621 it was given it’s name and place in the world.
That although celebrations of the harvest took place, it’s formal name comes from the USA name for the holiday.

But I found these links and learned about Thanksgiving around the world.

Time Line

Business Growth Curve…

If you don’t get the infrastructure in place and the workplace community aligned as you grow, the pain of lost performance and profitability will inevitably send you back to the areas you thought or hoped that you could drive past. — John Fisher, Managing Director, Growth Curve Institute


No one should have to work on a holiday; except the Police and Firefighters. A holiday is just that — a day off!

Christmas is not before Halloween. You wouldn’t know that going into Macy’s, Walmart, K-mart, Sears, etc. etc. I want to commend Nordstrom’s. Tomorrow, when they open (they are closed on Thanksgiving), it will be the first time we’ll see Christmas exhibits in their store. And that’s the way it should be.