Your Knowledge Is Cash: The Ultimate Guide to Setting and Raising Your Rates

You could be making this most common and costly pricing mistake. There is a 99.9% chance that you’ve drastically under-priced your services and products. This mistake has cost you a ton of money. Just changing the way you price your services will make all the difference in your life and your business. Stop Underearning! Today

Includes 7 audios, a 90-page workbook, 2  sixty to seventy minute sessions.  Learn more at

Excuses are Soul-Killer – Get Your Strategic Business & Marketing Plan Done!

Excuses are soul-killers” was one of 3,500 quotes submitted, and one of 365 chosen to appear in the 2010 Woman’s Advantage Calendar.


So, do you know a business owner, executive or sales/marketing personal who are ready to ditch their excuses and follow a simple process (like one-page simple) that
helps improve focus, accountability, and profits? Maybe a fellow colleague has recently told you. . .

• I’m not growing my business as fast as I’d like, profits have flat-lined, or are on the decline.

• I want more clients and to have a long-lasting, positive impact on their lives or businesses.

• I’m tired of spending so much time putting out fires all the time (or chasing clients).

• I know I should create a plan, but I don’t have the time or energy.

                         Maybe you’ve said it?

“It helps to have a plan. I’ve accomplished more in four months than I did the entire previous year. I feel so much more focused and my
income has doubled.”
Joan Runnheim, Career Strategist
Pathways Career, Hudson, WI

SIMPLE is in!

It’s a business plan . . . it’s a marketing plan . . . no, it’s both, PLUS it’s a performance management system with scorecards to help keep
you focused and accountable. It’s on one page. You post it online for your whole team OR create an MS Word document. It can be done in
groups (in person or via teleseminar or webinar format) OR it can be done privately.

What’s so special about the process? You complete your first draft in two hours or less! Then, we’ll help you take it to new heights,
finalize it, and show you how to integrate it with scorecards to help keep you focused and accountable. It’s all about setting priorities
and creating a roadmap to success.


Learn how 250,000 entrepreneurs—from the smallest home business to Fortune 100 companies such as Thomson, State Farm, and Disney—have rapidly turbo-charged their businesses:

“Your one-day planning program, along with the many insights and business therapy you provided, helped me see the forest through the
trees. Thank you for the really great thought-provoking day.”
Ahmad Mohazab, Principal, Architect
TECTA Associates, San Francisco, CA

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Done For & With You
Sit with me in person, using Skype, or the phone, and I’ll ask you tons of clafifying questions. As you’re providing me with answers, I’ll create your One Page Business Plan® for you. You won’t find an easier than that!. (I did say there were NO excuses, didn’t I?) Learn more    We include our online Performance Mangement System (a way for you to easily monitor your goals and action plans) in this program.

Done In A Day
Visit Seattle on one of the Strategic Planning dates and  create a solid draft of your plan in one day.   Walk into the room with a laptop, get taken care of and fed throughout the day, get feedback from Maria and your peers and leave your plan Already have a plan you use every day to set priorities and make decisions? Forward this article to someone who doesn’t . Download the flyer at

Do It Virtually
1)  Millionaire Business Mastermind:  Join up to ten of your peers, twice a month and work on your plan. Our Mastermind program create an advisory board of non-competing business leaders who help each other achieve greater results. Expect to be held accountable and to answer tough questions along the way, which is the beauty of this approach. For more information, visit

2) Do it Over Two Weeks
Join your peers on the phone (or Skype – depending on the program you join) and do your plan. OR ask Maria to do this program for your staff. learn more at

Create a Draft in 3-hours
Having something written down is better than having it in your head! Join us virutally for a virutal program and get it done. Learn more at

Attend a Mini-Program
Plan to attend (or host) a 60 to 120-minute program. See if we have one scheduled at

Learn About It At A Conferernce. 
Ask Maria to speak at your next company or non-profit retreat or meeting.  Learn more at

Demo Our System – Live
Get online and I’ll walk you through the system online. It takes 10-15 minutes. Email me now at or call 425-440-9659 to schedule your demo session.

Enjoy The Video
Listen to a 5 minute overview or 60-minute training program I conducted for executives, sales professionals, and business owners:

Do It Yourself
Purchase the right book for your business online  and take what’s in your head and put it on paper where it can do you some good! Choose your workbook

Do It Yourself & With Some Help
Purchase the right book   or purchase Point, Click, Plan Software and create your draft in less than 2 hours. Then work with Maria one to 4 hours to take what you’ve created to the next level of success.

Want to see some amazing results from other business owners and executives, just like you? Take a look at their success at

Be one of the many business owners or independent professionals ready to trade in their excuses for a bigger, better business.

Business success in any economy starts with a plan. Kick-start yours any time of the year and create your plan today

Maria Marsala
Certified One Page Business Plan Consultant, Business Coach, Marketing Maven, Speaker and former Wall Street Trader