10 Self-Esteem Tips from The Social Importance of Self-Esteem

The Social Importance of Self-Esteem

10 tips provided by the ‘The (California) State Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility.’  1986-1990

(Note: 2014, I can no longer find this list online)

1. ACCEPT YOURSELF. Every day when you get up, say to yourself, “I am a worthwhile and lovable person, no matter how many “mistakes” I make.

2. SET REALISTIC GOALS. Try to better yourself, but set goals that are within your reach. For example, if you want to stop smoking and go on a diet, don’t try both at the same time.

3. FORGIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Remind yourself: “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” To forgive yourself and others, let go of past feelings of guilt and resentment. Get on with your life.

4. EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS. Start by being honest with yourself. Next, find someone you trust–a spouse, a parent, a close friend–and tell him or her how you feel. Truthfully express your feelings this way and you’ll slowly build confidence.

5. TRUST YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Make an agreement with yourself to be more responsible. Do something simple like getting up at a certain time in the morning. When you do it a few times, you’ll begin to trust yourself in more important situations.

6. TAKE APPROPRIATE RISKS. Go back to school. Seek a better job. If you don’t take chances, you’ll be in the same old rut.

7. TAP YOUR CREATIVITY. Everyone is creative, but we stifle our creativity because we’re afraid of failure. Force yourself to keep at it until you get it right. Most of all have fun.

8. FIND YOUR SPIRITUALITY. We can all increase our self-esteem by realizing we’re accepted and loved by the Creator, exactly as we are.

9. ELIMINATE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. You damage your self-esteem by allowing your mind to be filled with negative thoughts such as “I’m a terrible worker” or “I’m too fat.”

10. LIKE YOUR BODY. Your health and appearance are important parts of your self-esteem. Accept the things you can’t change, such as heights. Work to change the things you can, like being overweight.

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