10 Reasons Why YOU Want To Choose YOUR Clients

It’s a costly and hard-learned lesson in business: saying “no” to an interested prospect that does NOT fit your ideal client profile. It’s counter intuitive, but taking just any client who responds to your advertising may cost you money, aggravation, and time.

Remember, your ideal client:
a) has done their homework and is ready to hire,
b) doesn’t haggle with you about price because they value what you’re offering,
c) comes back when they need you again,
d) is your biggest fan who sends you testimonials without asking, and
e) automatically refers you to others.

If you don’t choose a niche, you’ll constantly have to learn the ins and outs of other industries, marketing segments, consumer bases, business owner levels, etc. While that’s a nice change of pace once in awhile, it will drive you nuts (read: waste time and energy) if you constantly operate this way. More importantly, you won’t become known as an expert in anything and will constantly be reinventing the wheel.

Here are 10 reasons to limit yourself to one niche or ideal client:
1. You’ll learn and master the communications that perk up their ears.
2. You’ll attract new clients as you construct a better marketing funnel with relevant e-books, free articles, etc.
3. You’ll be more confident speaking in front of your prospects.
4. It’s easier to create new products for your clients (and new revenue streams for your business).
5. You’ll use your networking time more strategically.
6. You save money and convert more clients when you laser-focus your advertising.
7. Your ideal clients associate with others who are like them (which generates ideal referrals).
8. You’ll be happier working with people who value what you’re offering.
9. You’ll become known as an expert more quickly.

And the bottom line is:
10. Your business will be more successful and you’ll be paid more.

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(c) 2010 Elevating Your Business.    About the author:  As an unstoppable business strategist
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