10 reasons for advisors to just say no to less-than-ideal clients

It’s a costly and hard-learned lesson in the advisory business: declining to work with an interested prospect who neither fits your ideal client profile or qualifies as a “B” or “C” client. This may be counterintuitive, but indiscriminately accepting clients generates frustration, costs you money, and wastes a lot of your time.

Stop Driving Yourself Nuts.   Become a “Go-To” Expert Instead

While a change of pace is nice and keeps you sharp, constantly operating this way will drive you nuts (read: wasted time and energy). More important, you won’t become recognized as an expert in one key area and won’t be the go-to gal or guy in that area, either. It makes sense to specialize in one type of client.


Learn the signs of an ideal client as well as the the 10 reasons you want to say no to less than ideal clients.   Read the whole article online at RIA Biz Magazine:  http://www.riabiz.com/a/10951218


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A business strategist and former Wall Street trader, Maria Marsala specializes in helping financial professionals increase their productivity and production. For 20 years on the Street, she helped registered reps and advisors sell more bonds and secure loyal clients. Today, Marsala helps them attract higher-quality clients and expand their businesses to serve their lives — not the other way around. Uncover the areas of your business and life screaming  for your immediate attention and those that deserve a big hurrah! Take our complimentary Business Evaluator and other assessments today.  Visit http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com 

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