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11 Celebrities Endorse the Advantages of Finding Your Niche


When some of the most famous and highly-respected experts in the world give advice about niches, I sit up and pay attention. The diversity of industries represented by the quotes below only cement my belief that selecting and serving a niche is a key element to success–no matter what business or industry you’re in.


“Rock music is niche.”

Bono, Irish singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist


“We expand what we focus on.”

Wayne Dyer, American self-help author and motivational speaker


“Identify your niche and dominate it.


NEW PRODUCT: MyPlanMap for Financial Advisors/Planners

NEW PRODUCT:  MyPlanMap for Financial Advisors/Planners

MyPlanMap is a powerful financial planning tool designed to provide clients with a goals roadmap on a single page ready to implement.   The software is available “in the cloud” where it is always available to the advisor and their clients.  It allows the planner to touch the client (many times automatically)  and have the clients touch back throughout the financial planning implementation phase.


Free Webinar. Marketing Smarter: Hitting Your Niche

Marketing Smarter:  Hitting Your Niche

Position Yourself To Become the Obvious Choice

Presented by BrightTALK’s Finance ChannelHitting Your Niche


Why should an individual seeking a financial advisor contact YOU?  Why should your clients risk their reputation and REFER you?  What makes you STAND OUT?


If you answered, “Great customer service!” or “Experience!” your voice evaporated in a crowd of thousands.  If you talk about your credentials, how you’re paid, or your fiduciary responsibility, you’ll only confuse the stranger you’ve just met.


A FREE Way To “Become More Known” — HARO

Today, I found two no-cost-to-you opportunities for financial advisors. They are an opportunity to be published. One was in a major magazine, but the opportunity has come and gone.  The other is below.  All you have to do was give your opinion in a few sentences or a paragraph. Sometimes, you might be interviewed by phone by a writer.

Each day, either I or my assistant look at HARO for opportunities.  


Help me to help you…

Dear Financial Advisor,

As the summer winds down and business gets back to work as usual, I have a question for you that helps me to help you.

What Are You Struggling With In Your Financial Business Today?

Please comment with your answer and say hello. I like getting to know you. And if nothing comes to mind, it’s ok of course.


10 Self-Esteem Tips from The Social Importance of Self-Esteem

The Social Importance of Self-Esteem

10 tips provided by the ‘The (California) State Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility.’  1986-1990

(Note: 2014, I can no longer find this list online)

1. ACCEPT YOURSELF. Every day when you get up, say to yourself, “I am a worthwhile and lovable person, no matter how many “mistakes” I make.


Twisted Thinking: Your Thoughts Might Not Be Right

Definitions of Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive (thinking) distortions are exaggerated or irrational thought patterns.  Psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck laid the groundwork for these distortions. Later his student David D. Burns popularized the concept in The Feeling Good Book.

I first came across this concept in 1991 while suffering with anxiety myself.  I was fortunate to get some short-term help from “Freedom From Fear”, on Staten Island.  


Do you know what makes you fascinating?

If there’s anything I know about my clients and online community it’s that they are life-long learners who just LOVE learning! And this post is about a gift to a no-cost-to-you opportunity that I believe you’ll enjoy — as much as I did. PLUS you’re bound to get some really good use from it in your business, too.

Your personality has specific advantages.


30+ Ways FAs Sabotage Their Firms’ Growth

Hand reaches out from big heap of crumpled papersI see it happen all the time. Advisors, especially those who are independent, have good intentions to run a viable, profitable business, serving great clients the “right way” and living an exceptional life doing what they love doing.

Advisors expect, rightfully, that as they gain new clients,  they’ll hire help, build a wonderful website, create a great team, and do the things they enjoy in an office they’re proud to have clients walk into.