Free Italian Cookbook Giveaway by Nick Stellino

This year, Nick celebrates his 20th anniversary on Public Television. To thank his audience, he’s offering an ebookbook of 160 pages linked to their original cooking videos.

Let me tell you BESIDES being a great Sicilian cook, like me! (HE HE), he’s linking his original recipes with their cooking videos.

Boy are you going to enjoy his funny and touching stories from a guy who can cook!

To get your copy, go to


Available until November 29 or when 1 million copies are downloaded, whichever comes first!




RIAs: Can you help me… please?


I’d really appreciate your help with this…

I’m working on some new and exciting projects… aimed at helping advisors improve and scale their practices. And I want to make sure that I address what’s most important to you and your business.

So would you please do me a big favor by taking a couple of minutes to answer 3 questions?

Just (anonymously) tell me your single biggest challenge that you’re struggling with in your financial business, it would really help me out.

And more importantly, your response will help me focus my upcoming emails, new video series, and a summit I’m hosting to the topics you specifically want to know about, too.


Create A Hot Sheet For Your Speaking Engagements

You’ve probably read an article or two about the 4-8 different learning styles.  If you take a course on the best ways to provide trainings, you’re bound to learn about the importance of considering learning style elements when you plan your seminars, workshops, or speeches.  Important why?  Because you want your audience to retain and take action on the information you’re providing.  Right?

It’s helpful to consider the learning styles of your staff or clients as you create systems and processes for them, too.   But I digress.

A hot sheet is often used as an internet marketing tool.  I think it’s an extremely important element for financial advisors to include in your marketing toolbox, too.


Are You Paying for Virus Protection Twice?

If you are paying for Internet and you are paying separately for virus protection, you (or your clients) might be paying for virus protection twice.

My clients complete a personal as well as a business budget, which I scrutinize.   My goal, of course, is to find ways they can save money.   Often I find that they’re paying for virus protection and malware.   Cost of which is $30-$160 a year.

While these services are necessary, often paying for them means you’re paying for these services twice.

You see, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers)  include virus protection services with the package of services you already pay for.  


How To Protect Your WordPress Website or Blog

You may not think of protecting your WordPress blog other than changing your password every now and then.  But it’s important to protect your WordPress website or blog from synyster bot net attacks, too.  (I mean wouldn’t it be great if all the hackers and virus, trojan, or malware developers turned their so very negative energy to something positive? I mean not even the sky would be the limit!?)

One way to protect your WordPress blog from one of the worse attacks to hit this program in many years is to add the plugin “Brute Protect” to your site. OR download the Jetpack plugins (it comes with some great marketing options, too) and activate their Jet Protect which now includes Brute Protect.  


Seeking Practice Management Speakers Whose Niche is RIAs

(Please read this to the end, especially the speaker’s criteria, before applying. Thank you in advance.)

Count on Success Virtual Summit.

A Little About Summits:
Started in the 2000’s, by Internet marketers, virtual summits are held online often once a year. While Internet marketers summit speakers often upsell during their event, the same is not true for speakers who speak at financial industry summits.

Summits reach a niched audience. The speakers:
(a) become more known by a larger audience.
(b) generate leads
(c) the event highlights potential alliances/referral partners

The speakers at the Count on Success Virtual Summit will provide important educational content with action steps that advisors can use right away.


How to Find Undiscovered Funds

Joel JohnsonDo your clients demand alpha? Then you need an edge when it comes to finding top performing undiscovered funds. Searching for undiscovered funds is like choosing the best vegetarian entree at a Texas steakhouse. It doesn’t have to be like that.

True Bearing connects investment advisors with undiscovered fund companies. The process is simple.


  1. Log into
  2. Enter a brief investment request (RFP)
  3. Get Responses
  4. Set meetings with the desired fund companies

Questions? Call Joel Johnson – at 415-659-1831  or visit

Please mention that Coach Maria sent you.


Financial Advisors Can Easily Set Up an Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendars Help Financial Advisors Focus On Topics That Are Important To Their Ideal Clients

Calendar2016I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of creating a marketing calendar.  Truth be told, most financial advisors don’t have one! You can start a marketing calendar very simply by creating an Editorial Calendar and then, eventually, expanding on it.   What’s an Editorial Calendar you say?

“An editorial calendar is used by bloggers publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media, for example, newspapers, magazines, blogs, email newsletters, and social media outlets.”  Read more at:

Here are a few examples of editorial calendars from financial magazines. 


18 Ways RIAs Can Get Unstuck & Grow

18 Ways RIAs Can Get Unstuck

It’s time to sing a better song

ID-100280859 Planning and taking consistent action toward what you’ve planned often makes the difference between success and failure—growth and stagnation. But many people won’t plan, don’t plan, and create dozens of excuses instead. Right?

You see this in your retail or institutional clients.

I see it in in my advisor clients, too!

Clients who get to the point where they’re ready to sit down and plan change the tune they sing. Something happens in their lives or to someone they love and they decide to kick excuses to the curb and develop a no-excuses mentality.


Business Coaching for (Newer) RIAs & Financial Advisors

 Business Coaching for Financial Advisors

New RIAs and financial advisors. Grow your financial firm on a strong footing.

I love working with Top Advisors and my programs are geared towards their needs.  However, I’m always looking for affordable ways to help (newer) advisors to become Top Advisors.   For my purposes, you’re new” if you’ve been independent or working for a firm for less than 3 years and your revenues are under 250K.  OR you’ve been around the block a few times but your revenue is less than 250K a year.

In the past few months, I’ve had conversations with many newer advisors who come to the gate with big lofty goals and small pocket books (purses, or attaché cases).